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a whisper

in the stillness
a whisper is music
to our ears, like
soft mist rising
after a storm


Magnetic Poetry-Original Kit



when the night is still,
amber lit, from horsehair walls
memories whisper
century-old tales slip through
the parting of the veil

kat ~ 1 November 2016
(Tanka- 5 lines/syllables 5/7/5/7/7)

Gone – a Cleave Poem



imagining you gone  | as fogs hovers
i still hear your whispers  | dripping with dew
your breath | a gentle breeze
warming my neck | infused by fragrance
the brush of your lips  | sweetness blossoming
against my skin | spring on the wind
imagining you gone | sun muted by the gray
pierces my heart  | remnants of night
rendering me inconsolable | causing the doves to mourn

kat ~ 31 March 2016

As promised, my second rendering of this interesting poetry form…the Cleave Poem. One should be able to read the left column, right column and each line across as a combined thought giving you three distinct poems. An interesting challenge indeed.

To learn more about the Cleave poem or to give it a try yourself, click HERE to Jane Dougherty’s poetry challenge.

Moon Whispers


Photo Credit: Sonya Oldwin

Crescent Moon whispers
as Horizon blushes pink
promising delights.

kat ~ 19 February 2016

A Three Line Tale for the photo prompt challenge from Sonya at Only 100 Words. There is a saying that says “red sky at night, sailor’s delight”.  I thought of this when I looked at the photo above. Today I penned a Haiku (3 lined poem/tale) for you. If you would like to read other tales or enter your own, click HERE.

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