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House as Self – Sunday Writing Challenge

You never know when you might need that 3-inch lug-nut wrench that came with the baby gate I had when my kids were toddling.

“How old are my kids?” you ask.

Well, if you must know, they have children of their own now. All the more reason to hang onto that little tool. Never know when they might need it.

“And the keys?” you ask, “What are they for?”

Well, that black one? That was from my first apartment. Great place that was. Just a block away from downtown. Loved that place. And that tiny one? My very first diary. I still have it…somewhere…I think. The others? I’m not sure. But someone knows. So I keep them around, just in case.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that all of this junk is useless. But I’ll have you know that I’m the first one everyone comes to when they need tape, a pen, a battery or a rubber-band. I can be counted on for a paper clip in a pinch, or a bandaid or one of those adapter thingies that you use to plug a three-pronged plug into a two-pronged outlet.

Junk you say? I know, and you do too, that you would be lost without me, but it’s okay if you don’t want to admit it. You know I’ll always be here if you need me. Remember that next time you need a twist-tie.


For MindLoveMiserysMenagerie Sunday Writing Prompt:”House as Self”. They say you can tell a lot about a person by the parts of a house that they are drawn to. I find myself reflected not in a particular room or space, but a drawer…a junk drawer to be exact. You know you love me…😉

Cherita – Day 21

mocha frappé morning

a whipped cream and
chocolate syrup on top kind of day

but it’s a temporary fix,
an indulgence giving me a caffeine high
and brain freeze


Another Cherita

it’s already old news…

even as streets, like arteries,
hemorrhage children, demanding

the right to see another day…
pious lawmakers hide and wait
for the rage to bleed out


Cherita #20

heaven is falling

her wispy canopy
caressing earth

serenaded by birdsong
swelling in the mist,
mourning doves, blue jays, chickadees, cowbirds, and crows


Cherita ~ Day 19

sunburst at dawn

winter bones shimmer,
stardust frosted

an apparition
from wistful longing


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