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Granny’s Last Wish

It had been ages since Andrea had been home. And this trip wasn’t her idea. She had just spoken to Granny few weeks before…bright and chipper as always. Death never comes to call at opportune times. Granny’s passing meant only one thing. As the only surviving relative, this place would be hers.

She had no intention of moving back. Andrea had made a life for herself in the city. Once the deed was in her name she’d be flipping this old termite trap for a nice downpayment on a penthouse condo. She knew the one. She’d had her eye on it for a while.

This morning’s reading of the will would make it official. “Act respectful, Andrea…don’t be too excited,” she chided herself.

The attorney’s monotone voice burned her ears, as all color drained from her face, “to my dear Betty, I leave all my worldly possessions…”

kat ~ 29 September 2015

(149 Words)

FFfAW (Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers) Weekly Photo Prompt. Click HERE for more info. Thanks to Louise from Storyteller’s Abode for this week’s photo!

A Great Commission 

Photo Credit: Barbara W. Beachum, 2015

“The A&B Building was made entirely from driftwood.” It wasn’t  always so. 

Camp Skagway’s Alpha Beta Club had commissioned Mr. Julian P. Reed, self-appointed jack-of-all-trades, to fashion a sign of driftwood for the front eave. 

“I can build anything,” he boasted, and proved it too, when he completed the job to everyone’s delight. The club treasurer paid him in cash money, as he had requested, and they parted ways. 

One evening, a member noticed Mr. Reed rummaging though the dumpster for table scraps from Miss Sadie’s Cafe. He immediately shared his discovery with the others. A quick motion and second later, it was unanimous. Mr. Reed would be commissioned to build street numbers, A&B logos (several), window and door frames and…

It was a big important job, perfect for a certain Mr. Julian P Reed, that took years to complete. 

And that is how the A&B Building came to be. 

kat ~ 28 September 2015

(150 Words)

In response to Monday’s Finish The Story Challenge 9/28/2015. Click HERE to learn more. 

Betrayal – A Six Word Story


They risked everything for a dream.

kat ~ 28 September 2015

In response to Benjamin Nicholson’s Six Word Story Challenge #7 on his blog A Hopelessly Wandering Mind.  This week’s Prompt: “Betrayed”

Tide & Flesh – Weekly Haiku Challenge #64


They fleshed out a plan
to oppose tides of group think…
throw away the box.

kat ~ 28 September 2015 🙂

They fleshed out a plan to oppose tides of group think.

To oppose tides of group think…throw away the box.

To see more Haiku using these tricky words, “Tide” and “Flesh” visit RonovanWrites Challenge post! Click HERE to get there. 🙂

Many Moons ~ Haiku

Through veils of mist
the eclipsing moon-glow swells
into many moons.

kat ~ 28 September 2015

Reflections on the full moon eclipse of 2015, magnificent even under overcast skies!

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