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As the ruling class had promised, internment camps were established in every district to house the undesirables who were identified and sorted during the great purge, to be kept safe with their own kind: the immigrants, the refugees, the gays, the Muslims, non-Christians, Agnostics and Atheists, single, divorced and widowed women over 21 who did not have the covering of a husband, native peoples, the homeless and the disabled.

Small delegations from each sub-community were given authority to keep the peace, to report dissidents, who were swiftly removed to an undisclosed location and to order basic necessities, such as food and medicine for their respective areas.

It was meant to be a temporary inconvenience until everyone could be registered and vetted sufficiently to re-enter the regime, but the process was long and ridden with changing rules and red tape, and the longer it took, the more comfortable the outcasts became, staying behind their walls with their own kind, where it was safe.

~kat ~ 17 November 2016

For Sonya’s Three Line Tale Challenge based on the photo above by photo by Jace Grandinetti via Unsplash.

The Walls We Build

I hide in a cubicle dawn to dusk
Arranging travel for executives
Typing their profiting plans bits by byte
With a few quick breaks to brew myself tea

I hide in a cubicle dawn to dusk
Answering phone calls with veiled pleasantry
When asked for favors, I serve with a smile
Hoping to mask my deep fear from their gaze

I hide in a cubicle dawn to dusk
Lost in the hum of my blessed routine
Locked in a prison of my own making
Where I feel safe from their gloating eyes mocking

I hide in a cubicle dawn to dusk
Outed by friends who boast my deep secret
Hoping to prove they are not like the rest
Those who’d deny my rights as a human

I hide in a cubicle dawn to dusk
Collateral damage, votes cast in fear
closet doors open whispering my name
Still I resist their safe promise and yet

I hide in a cubicle, dawn to dusk
If I had money I might build walls too
Oh, in my own way I’ve done this, it’s true
But I don’t feel safe from danger that looms

I hide in a cubicle dawn to dusk
Doing my job and paying my taxes
Wondering where they will be on the day
I cease to be safe despite what they say

I hide in a cubicle dawn to dusk
Wondering who I should fear and who, trust
Minding my business, yet knowing I must
Open my heart to be healed by love

I hide in a cubicle dawn to dusk
It’s not the ideal arrangement I know
I’m gonna try harder to open my heart
And let you back in, it’s small, it’s a start.

I hide in a cubicle dawn to dusk.

kat – 14 November 2016



when the night is still,
amber lit, from horsehair walls
memories whisper
century-old tales slip through
the parting of the veil

kat ~ 1 November 2016
(Tanka- 5 lines/syllables 5/7/5/7/7)


they are afraid
truth cannot penetrate their hearts
they are afraid
placing their faith in barricades
setting themselves above, apart
consumed by hate, lost in the dark…
they are afraid.

kat ~ 9 July 2016

(A Rondelet- AbAabbA)

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