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Afternoon Zen

Rainfall is a beautiful sound. Lovely on a Saturday afternoon!

September Poem #2

at dusk
amber streams
bleed into blue; the sun creeps
down, down, behind the lace arbor
scrim sundered, dreams in wait


Day Two – September Poems featuring the Pensee.*

*The Pensee – A syllabic form. No meter specified. No rhyme. Syllabic count 2-4-7-8-6:

line 1 is the subject;

line 2 gives description;

line 3, action;

line 4, the setting;

line 5, final thought.

August – Stanza 18

too many links on this tree fade, obscure
with nary a flicker of those who’ve gone before
the only living proof of their existence,
their progeny, who share their dna, who’ll likewise
live and die, no answer for the age-old question…”why?”


For Jane Dougherty’s August Stanza Challenge.

I have a few old family photos of some people I’ve never met, and of my grandparents gone too soon, before I could learn their stories. They are treasures of my past. I suppose that I why I write…to leave something behind for my grandkids.

The people shown above are a part of me. And so life goes on.

Top Left: My Grandpa Lambert Myrman, my Grandma Florence, née O’Malley, my Aunt Dolly holding my cousin Kristy, her husband Dean in back and his parents on the right.

Top Middle: My great-greats the Johansson’s and my Great Grandma Hanna (the youngest)

Top Right: my Great Grandparents, Peter O’Malley and Annie, née Powers

Middle Left: My Grandpa William Cunningham and my Grandma Mary, née Sluka

Middle Right: Grandma Mary’s graduation picture. She’s in the middle row, far right.

Lower Left: Grandma Florence O’Malley Myrman

Lower Middle: Grandma Mary (r) with my mom (girl with black skirt), her brother, Richard and sister, Sylvia

Lower Right: Grandma Mary holding my Mom, Dorothy


the tide
sweeps the strand
reclaiming beached remnants
of cockles and shell shards; the sea


A Cinquain for Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge, Synonyms Only, Prompt Words: Love (yearning) & Time (tide).

Monday Affirmations with the Muse

i can hope in dreams,
in love and peace and
better days to come…
believing gives me
the power to overcome
every obstacle


Magnetic Poetry Online – Love Kit

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