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A Little Night Magic

Sharing a bit of magic with you as this weekend comes to an end. I happened to capture a snow faerie on my phone camera while I was on my walk tonight. Can you see her? Do you believe in faeries? I do! I do, I do, I do, I do, I do! ❤️🧚‍♂️❄️🧚‍♂️❤️

December Dodoitsu #13

his dark eyes can pierce my soul
his kisses, oh, they make me swoon
lulling me to sleep, we spoon
soft snores, puppy breath


Uh, yes, I sleep with this big lump. 175 lbs of love! 🐾 Maxwell, English Mastiff. #DOG is my co-pilot! 😉

December Dodoitsu #10

dawning amber, silent morn
screaming tires, grinding spin
ripping through the frosted din
travelers beware


We had record breaking snowfall here in the Blue Ridge Valley. The official tally for my little town was 15 inches (38.1 cm). In a place where even a third of that depth can shut things down, I’m in no hurry to leave my cozy home. Bring on the hot cocoa and cinammon toast. Have a lovely Monday!

December Dodoitsu #9

frosted winter white, the rose
blushes crimson through the night
clinging to petals, frozen,
forever in bloom


November Naani #25

they will return in the spring,
dormant leaves, wintering,
when the days grow longer,
dawn’s chorus erupting


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