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Countdown to Now


Cascading Cedar by Kat Myrman 2015


Tick tock countdown…ten, nine, eight…
Another year waits at the gate
As last year’s memories start to fade
And new beginning plans are made
Let’s reconcile all regrets
And make our peace with goals not met
The slate is clean to pen anew
Our greatest hopes for dreams come true
Alas, before the clock ticks one
Take a breath what’s done is done
A moment’s pause is all we need
To tap into eternity
With no beginning and no end
It truly comes to this my friend
Forget your plans and silly lists
Embrace the bliss of mindfulness!

kat ~ 31 December 2015

A most Happy New Year full of precious moments to you and yours! I haven’t been a WordPresser long, but the friendships from those of you who have liked my posts and seen fit to even follow me have so enriched my life. Thank you for your presence! Peace out! ❤️

An Intuition for Shopping


It was clear to Julia that the piece had been tampered with, but she decided to listen to her intuition. She liked the design and it would look fine on her mantle. After negotiating a fair price for an obvious fake, she paid the street vendor in cash.

As she had imagined, the bowl looked spectacular above her fireplace. She was thrilled to have it in time for her holiday party. No one needed to know it wasn’t the real thing!

The party began with the usual parlaying of pleasantries, but as the alcohol flowed things got a bit rowdy. A fellow who had been dancing lost his footing. He reached for the mantle to catch himself, catching the bowl instead, and they both tumbled to the floor.

Attention quickly shifted from the lad’s wellbeing to the shattered pieces of porcelain and scattering of diamonds near his head. A guest shouted to the kitchen, “Julia, I think you’re gonna want to see this!”

kat ~ 30 December 2015

(165 Words)

Last story of 2015 for Sunday Photo Fictioner’s flash fiction challenge. If you would like to enter your own story or read others, click HERE.

The Box


Steven turned the small box in his pocket as he waited for Miranda. For years they met here sharing dreams and solving world problems. They knew each other as well as anyone could know someone, Steven thought. Today, he would propose to his soulmate.

Miranda plopped in the chair, giddy with excitement. “Could she possibly know?” Steven wondered.

As she waved her left hand toward him, she happily chirped, “I’m engaged Steven…isn’t that wonderful?”

Steven dropped the box to the bottom of his pocket, took her hand and forced a smile. “It’s lovely Miranda…I’m so happy for you…”

kat ~ 30 December 2015

(100 Words)

A story for Rochelle Wiseoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneers flash fiction challenge based on the photo above by Jean L. Hays. If you would like to read other stories or enter your own, click HERE.



Just Breathe


Days when
nothing goes right
despite our intentions
life spirals into lunacy…
Just Breathe
to find a clearer perspective
practicing mindfulness
in that moment
find bliss.

kat ~ 30 December 2015

Since I didn’t get the chance to participate in Jane Dougherty’s Butterfly Cinquain Challenge I am combining it with this final challenge of 2015: To use a saying as my prompt for a poem. My saying forms the “body” of my little butterfly giving balance to its two opposing wings. I love the look of this poetry form! Happy New Year everyone! If you’d like to read other takes on Jane’s latest challenge, click HERE!

(A butterfly cinquain is a nine-line syllabic verse of the following pattern: 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 2 / 8 / 6 / 4 / 2.)

The Sea ~ A Haiku


The draw of the sea
beckons us, its salty swells
like tender kisses.

kat ~ 29 December 2015

Last Haiku of 2015 for TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge. I only discovered this wonderful challenge recently and I have also enjoyed reading TJ’s other works as well. The prompt for this week’s Haiku: Attraction. When I think of this word, I am drawn immediately to the sea. Thanks TJ for another inspiring challenge. Looking forward to next year! J If you would like to participate or read other Haiku, click HERE.

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