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Echoes of my Neighborhood

Happy Thursday! Yet another installment of Echoes of my Neighborhood, a challenge hosted by Jacqueline at “a cooking pot and twisted tales”. To see other “Echoes” click HERE !

Here in the Mid-Atlantic States in the USA, Spring is in full swing! Just ask any of us who suffer from seasonal allergies. There is a pale coating of pollen on every surface, and trees are on the brink of bursting!

In a week or so, I will wake up one morning and the braches will be fully dressed in bright green leaves!  It’s always a mystery to me when that happens. It’s like a Spring Miracle!

This week I took photos of those trees as they are just beginning to bud. I call the photo montage here…”On the Brink”.

In fact, we are all, at any given time “on the brink” of a miracle. (They happen every day you know!)  What are the signs of an impending miracle where you live? Get ready. You could be blessed any day now! Like these trees you too are on the brink!



Points – A Haiku


Photo Credit: Moritz Schmidt

Sincere compliments
like well-placed Scrabble tiles
will earn extra points!

~kat – 31 March 2016

A Three Line Tale for Sonya of Only 100 Words’ Three Line Tale Week Nine prompted by the photo above by Moritz Schmidt. If you would like to read other tales or add your own, click HERE.

Gone – a Cleave Poem



imagining you gone  | as fogs hovers
i still hear your whispers  | dripping with dew
your breath | a gentle breeze
warming my neck | infused by fragrance
the brush of your lips  | sweetness blossoming
against my skin | spring on the wind
imagining you gone | sun muted by the gray
pierces my heart  | remnants of night
rendering me inconsolable | causing the doves to mourn

kat ~ 31 March 2016

As promised, my second rendering of this interesting poetry form…the Cleave Poem. One should be able to read the left column, right column and each line across as a combined thought giving you three distinct poems. An interesting challenge indeed.

To learn more about the Cleave poem or to give it a try yourself, click HERE to Jane Dougherty’s poetry challenge.

Let Them Eat Dirt!

Cartoonist Dave Granlund at

Politicians hawk their brand, | To the media talking heads

Snake oil purveyors  | who clamor for the latest dirt

whose loyalty is sold | because dirt sells advertising

to the highest bidder… | where truth doesn’t matter…

vile bottom feeders | just don’t call yourselves journalists!

kat ~ 30 March 2016

To learn more about the Cleave poem or to give it a try yourself, click HERE to Jane Dougherty’s poetry challenge.

The Abduction


Photo Credit: S Writings

Deb had only looked away for a second. Frantically, she scanned the clusters of children clamoring for candy tossed from the parade float.

“Sarah! Sarah!” she called, but the ‘boom, boom, boom’ of the marching band’s drum section was deafening.

Deb’s heart was racing. She retraced their steps, through the crowds toward the town square. The last people she wanted to involve was the police, but she was desperate.

“Sir,” Deb pleaded to the officer, “I’ve lost my 5 year-old. Her name is Sarah. I’ve looked everywhere. I can’t find her!”

“You said her name was Sarah?”

“Yes, Sarah…she’s 5. She has a pink t-shirt…and blue jeans.”

“Well that might explain this note.  We found it attached to one of the painted display cows.”

The officer watched Deb intently as she read, “I have Sarah, Deb. You know she belongs with me. The courts awarded me custody. Jon”

“Is the note true, ma’am?”

“Yes…” Deb mumbled in defeat.

“I think you better come with me. Jon is pressing charges.”

kat ~ 29 March 2016
(173 Words)

A story for FFfAW (Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer) Photo Prompt. Thanks to PJ (Priceless Joy) for hosting. Read other stories HERE.

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