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A Confession 52 Years Late…

I have a confession to make…to the boy, I can’t remember his name…the one who sat next to me in the second grade.

I’ll just say it.

I’m the one who stole your Baby Jesus. Snatched him right out of the pencil tray in your desk. How could I not?

It’s no excuse, but I believe I needed him more than you did that day. Even your pitiful tears that made snot ooze over the crest of your lips and into your mouth…that made me flush from my neck to the tips of my ears…could not budge my resolve. I needed your tiny plastic Baby Jesus and I took it. And I told you eye to eye that I didn’t.

I’ve never forgotten this moment of lost innocence when at seven years old, I learned I wasn’t that good girl. Behind my twinkling eyes, freckled nose and curly locks a monster lurked in the dark recesses of my heart. I can think of nothing more heinous than what I did that day. Baby Jesus? That’s how hard core I was when I embarked on my maiden crime spree. It has haunted me for years.

And I don’t expect you to forgive me little boy, who is now a man. I hope you have forgotten it and me. And if it’s any consolation I’ve learned my lesson.

I needed to know about the darkness inside of me so I could choose the light, so I could learn not to judge.

I never stole again after that day. And when I have fallen victim myself to petty thievery I have learned to let it go. To say a silent prayer even, for the perpetrator.  Whatever it was that captured their fancy, I am convinced that they needed it more than me.

kat 31Aug2015

a moment’s fall from grace


‘twas a detour from
grace that raised
the demons of my
deepest fears…in
a second i let my
eyes shift from
sacred moments to
regretful yesterdays
and hopeless futures,
my present drowning
in a sea of unanswerable
questions, when?
where? who? what?

it’s an understandable
misstep, my scatterbrained
tendency to follow
the cacophony of
voyeuristic busybodies,
like a moth to flame,
knocks me off
center singeing my
fickle flesh, disconnecting
me from my core, leaving
me breathless. ‘tis true
in the midst of catastrophic
distractions i forget to
breathe and lose all

but the moment, ever
present, waits in the wings
of my thrashing fright,
a heartbeat’s breath
near, to wrap me in
blissful embrace from
the immediacy of nothingness
into the radiant epiphany
of pure love, peace and
knowing. to breathe,
just breathe is all this
present moment asks
to deliver me home.

kat ~ 31 Aug 2015

A Sunday Look Back – August 30, 2015

Last week was one of the LONGEST, most stressfully upsetting weeks of note. Consequently, my usual prolific posting got sidelined a bit.  All I can muster in review is a simple Haiku…this pretty much sums it up…

Hit the ground running
This long week fraught with mayhem
Ready to start fresh.

kat – 30Aug2015


And with that, I look forward to the start of September.  On the wings of the energy of this past weekend’s Full Super Moon, hope to see you on the other side of the coming week.

Peace Out!

Regret…A Six Word Story Challenge

Another Six Week Word Challenge…this one fro Nicola Auckland’s blog A Sometimes Stellar Storyteller…the Topic: Regret.

She never said, “I love you.”

Topic: Murder – A Six Word Story

This week’s challenge from Ben Nicholson’s blog A Hopelessly Wandering Mind…the topic is Murder…

Left no alternative, she ended it.

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