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Daily Grind – A Silly Tanka

Silly Tanka (5/7/5/7/7)

Oatmeal, strawberries,
earl grey latte, crushed ice…
my daily grind, but…
I can be spontaneous
oatmeal, no strawberries…see?!

kat ~ 21 February 2017

Good Talk

Keeping this morning’s theme going, a Tanka poem for my poetry form of the day.

we call it prayer,
spiritual conversations,
“good talks” with our god
where we do all the talking
and god’s supposed to listen
-kat – 18 February 2017


The Gloaming

The Gloaming

luminous and full
fair Luna owns the night sky
seducing the sea
who swoons to do her bidding,
kissing the shore with his tears

kat ~ 13 December 2016

Season of Letting Go

Each year, this particular tree clings tightly to a leaf that mystically takes on the shape of a bird. Of course having a vivid imagination helps, but before you dismiss me as completely looney, I’d like to point out that this year there are at least two leaf-birds. Can you see them?

I watch them as Winter comes, waiting for the inevitable … the day when the leaf can no longer hang on, only to be swept away on the wind for her first and final flight in complete surrender.

And each year I am reminded, in this season of letting go, to consider the things, people and thoughts that I may be clinging too tightly to, that no longer bring life and light into my life. Like my friend the tree, I am good at creating the illusion, even if only in my own mind, that I need these things in my life. But ultimately I know I must consider letting it all go. Just like the bird-shaped leaves on my tree, the fading, muted, useless “stuff” of my life is just a reflection of what could be if I make room for it by letting go.

Thanks for the reminder old friend, you and your shape-shifting bird-leaves! I’ll let go when you do. ❤️

though bitter winds howl
she clings to mem’ries of spring,
summer on the wing,
muted specters wintering,
shape-shifting leaves rememb’ring…

kat ~ 23 November 2016
(Tanka – 5/7/5/7/7)


her name is Luna
some say she has a man-face
others, cows and spoons
but who else but a woman
can shift the tides with a glance

kat ~ 15 November 2016
(Tanka- 5/7/5/7/7)

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