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Countin’ Sheep

Now I know you like countin’ on the likes of me, but I gotta warn ya’

If I was countin’ on me I would never be able to sleep at night ’cause I’m a follower, I tell ya’; can’t think fer m’self and I’m liable to lead ya’ somewheres ya’ might not want to go…if ya’ foller what I’m sayin’.

But if it’s nightmares yer lookin’ fer, then I’m yer sheep; jus’ don’t say I didn’t warn ya’.


A Three Line Tale prompted by the photo above by Sam Carter via Unsplash. Thanks Sonya for hosting!

a hit and a miss

photo by Christopher Burns via Unsplash

The tennis court was littered with hundreds of balls.

“How long has he been at it?” asked an onlooker as Pete continued to execute perfect serves, one right after the other, each gliding smoothly over the net dropping just inside the baseline.

“All day, poor guy, I doubt he’ll ever get over the double fault that handed the win to his opponent at the National Championship!”


For Sonya’s Three Line Tale Challenge inspired by this photo by Christopher Burns via Unsplash.

Global Uprising

It was a rare thing for polar bears and walruses to hold conference, but these are rare times.

They were soon joined by the elk, reindeer, foxes, seals, lynx, puffins, gannets, eagles, hawks and owls, and orcas and grey whales, spiny dog-fish and dolphin; an epic gathering by land sea and air, each one peaceable toward the other, evidence of the gravity of the situation.

The great sea turtle spoke from his perch at water’s edge, “These homo-sapiens are worse than their fore-bearers, the neanderthals, bent on destroying our beautiful mother and her creatures, and it is up to us to ensure their extinction, just as our ancestors did before us!”

For Sonya’s Three Line Tale Challenge based on this interesting photo by Caterina Sanders via Unsplash.

The Guardian

Late at night, when people are in a hurry, heading home from work or toting colorful shopping bags is my favorite time to haunt the lower level of the subway.

I come here to peoplewatch, but mostly to mess with him as he lurches in the shadows, waiting for his next victim.

Occasionally I’m caught in a photograph, like tonight, as I walk through him on the stairway (a little trick I learned), freezing him in his tracks, as a sweet young thing, like I used to be, slips away unaware onto the train.


A Three Line Tale for Sonya’s weekly challenge inspired by this photo by Andre Benz via Unsplash. The ghostly specter on the stairway caught my eye. Can you see her? ‘‘Tis the season of thin places and ghosts. 🤔👻😳

It’s Not a Sign

I’ve never believed in signs.

Except today, after a series of idiotic missteps, the dog getting loose on our walk, misplacing my car keys, a telemarketer who called as I was walking out the door, who wouldn’t let me get a word in edgewise, so I just hung up because I was running late, only to be stuck in traffic, but not before getting lost after being detoured because of construction on Main, that made me miss my appointment, landing me in the reception area to wait for an opening in the schedule, where I met you, waiting like me after missing your appointment.

But like I said, I don’t believe in signs, although…no…no, I don’t believe in signs, but I get the feeling that you and I happened upon something here and if not for my crappy day up until this point, I might never have met you.


A Three Line Tale that breaks all the rules for run-on sentences and rambling gibberish, prompted by this photo by Austin Chan via Unsplash.

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