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a whisper

in the stillness
a whisper is music
to our ears, like
soft mist rising
after a storm


Magnetic Poetry-Original Kit

the rose

we need not crush 
the petals of the
rose to smell her
sweetness...she bares
her soul freely
on the wind


Magnetic Poetry – Original Kit

like diamonds

thousands ache beneath
the shadow of death, but
some souls laid bare
in the eye of the storm
are like diamonds in the
mist, moved to love
in a symphony of light


Magnetic Poetry – Original Kit

Playing Magnets with the Muse

I could linger here
forever, surrounded by
velvet blue skies and
flower dazzled oceans
of green, the warm breeze,
like angel kisses on my face

when Love rains like
honey on our heads
the storms of life
seem less bitter


Magnetic Poetry

Saturday with the Muse

secret garden song

deep beneath the gentle
cover of dying leaves
seeds sleep dreaming
of a beautiful sun that
they will never see

the growling surrounds
us…hot breath, wild eyes,
fools poisoned by lies
seeing only red

a thousand wishes fill
the night sky with light
the hope of dreamers

moon shadow misting
dreams of cool cats fiddling
and mad cows leaping


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