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April Poetry Month – A Poem a Day #4

I had planned to prepare a Shadorma for today’s poetry form, but the Universe had other ideas. My morning walk at dawn presented me with this astounding sight! A wisp of crescent moon flanked by two mourning doves on a wire. It took my breath away for a moment! The perfection…the beautiful symmetry and synchronicity of the moment. Of course I captured a simple photo of it with my handy mobile phone…see below.

But then I had to look up the symbolism of such an event. It seems that the Balsamic or Dark Moon and the Mourning Dove share common theme…to draw within, release, recharge and to surrender to healing, peace and harmony and to prepare for the hopeful promise of the future. Each represent a bridge as well: the moon, as last phase of the lunar cycle it is a bridge to the new dark moon energy that inspires us to dream as we head into the next cycle; and mourning doves, links between two world, sky and earth – thoughts, dreams, intuition and hearth, home, security. A brilliant message for me to embrace on a crisp spring morning, which of course I did!

But with two signs in one, a Shadorma, as wonderful as it is, just wouldn’t fully capture the magnificence of a chance encounter like this! No, an event like this required none other than a Cleave Poem!

Cleave Poem

In its most basic form a Cleave Poem is three poems:
~~two parallel ‘vertical’ poems (left and right)
~~a third ‘horizontal’ poem being the fusion of the vertical poems read together.

To read a Cleave poem simply:
1. Read the left hand poem as the first  poem.
2. Read the right hand poem as the second poem.
3. Read the whole (each line across) as a third integrated poem.


Balsamic Mourning

Mourning doves have come to call | here at dawn the dark moon wanes
healing hovers on the cusp | urging me to draw within
each coo-coo, a song of peace | so to rest my weary soul
with a promise of renewal | bridging emptiness to full
sweet release from sorrows past | crescent dipping into new
time to weep, to let things go | suspended in cerulean blue
burdens of my heavy soul | soon to fade dispersed by light
so to spread my wings full flight | set upon its final path
soaring heaven on a breeze | three days journey to the end
miles to go before I sleep | ‘til the stars alone shine bright
grace abounds my soul to keep | blessings of the darkest night

kat ~ 4 April 2016

Gone – a Cleave Poem



imagining you gone  | as fogs hovers
i still hear your whispers  | dripping with dew
your breath | a gentle breeze
warming my neck | infused by fragrance
the brush of your lips  | sweetness blossoming
against my skin | spring on the wind
imagining you gone | sun muted by the gray
pierces my heart  | remnants of night
rendering me inconsolable | causing the doves to mourn

kat ~ 31 March 2016

As promised, my second rendering of this interesting poetry form…the Cleave Poem. One should be able to read the left column, right column and each line across as a combined thought giving you three distinct poems. An interesting challenge indeed.

To learn more about the Cleave poem or to give it a try yourself, click HERE to Jane Dougherty’s poetry challenge.

Magnolia Dawn


Photograph and Digital Enhancement by Kat Myrman 2016

but for the soft coo-cooing
of mourning dove cry
the earth is hushed
under a blanket of snow
magnolia tree towers
roots burrowed deep
until spring’s first kiss

kat ~ 17 January 2016

An “Echo Verse” for Jane Dougherty’s weekly poetry challenge. The following describes this poetry form:

Echo verse goes back centuries but it has a very modern feel about it. The concept is simple—after each line there is an echo, of the last syllable (or two), or a word that rhymes. In the instructions it doesn’t say what the poem has to be about, line length, or whether there has to be any other kind of rhyme pattern.

If you would like to read other Echo Verses or enter your own, click HERE.

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