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Shy-Blush – a Do-over

Oh my dear… my little Haiku for Ronovan’s Challenge caused quite a fluster…and I did not mean for it to. The prompt words shy and blush and their interesting synonyms definitely took me on a tangent. But you must understand, that for a woman my age, flushing and blushing have more to do with menopausal dips and dives than anything sultry! My mind sooooo did not go where some of yours did! 😳

At any rate, a do-over is in order…g-rated and straight to the point. I also flush crimson when I am steaming mad…which is what I meant to say and should have. 🤪

It’s not modesty

flushing my face crimson red…

I blush when I’m mad!

Of course you could take madness down any number of paths…fuming perhaps? Burned? Irate? Full of rage…some might say passion as I did…but that is easily misconstrued. Pissed! Now that’s a fine word. But I did say this Haiku is rated G. Still…substitute it for mad if you like…at least pissed can’t be confused with being bat-shit crazy! Okay now…don’t you dare go there! 😜

I hope you don’t mind me having a bit of fun with today’s silly Haiku. You all gave me a good laugh when I read the comments. It’s all in good fun that I am carrying on the conversation! 😉


Shy Blush – A Haiku

it’s not modesty
flushing my face deep crimson,
it is passion’s rage


For Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge, Prompt words: shy (modest) & blush (flush).

Moon Whispers


Photo Credit: Sonya Oldwin

Crescent Moon whispers
as Horizon blushes pink
promising delights.

kat ~ 19 February 2016

A Three Line Tale for the photo prompt challenge from Sonya at Only 100 Words. There is a saying that says “red sky at night, sailor’s delight”.  I thought of this when I looked at the photo above. Today I penned a Haiku (3 lined poem/tale) for you. If you would like to read other tales or enter your own, click HERE.

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