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Monday Musings

My world. Winter trees, the Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance, the sky dusty gray. And me breathing. 🥰

Sunday’s ReVerse – 29 November 2020

A look back at the last few weeks of verse by line. The nightmare is almost over. Four years of chaos is spiraling like a whirlwind. I suppose the most shocking thing for many of us is the number of people who voted for the chaos. America, we thought we knew you. Many of us believed, given the chance, you would choose decency, honesty and compassion over corruption, lies and hate. Those of us who declared, “this is not who we are” are learning that, for almost half of us, it is sadly who we are. Who they are. How we had hoped for reconciliation, for healing, for bridging the divide that has broken us. Half of us are okay with lawlessness, with separating children from their parents, locking them up like animals and throwing away the key, half of us are okay with racism, misogyny, white supremacy, isolating ourselves from the rest of the world, from our allies, aligning with dictators, our president turning a blind eye to a virus that is raging out of control, killing us by the thousands. It is shocking and heartbreaking to see the truth. The coming years will be challenging. And it may surprise you to know that I still have hope that we can do better…be better. It won’t be easy but at least for me, it means treating others with kindness. It is the least and the most that I can do. I hope you’ll join me.

Sunday’s ReVerse - 29 November 2020

innocence slipping away
fading away in waves
we shouldn’t be surprised at all
the forever greenness of our minds
when blood was thick and skin was deep
we pick and choose what to believe
but opinion can’t make it so


A ReVerse poem (a practice I started many years ago) is a summary poem with a single line lifted from each entry of a collection of work over a particular timeframe and re-penned in chronological order as a new poem. Unlike a collaborative poem, the ReVerse features the words of one writer, providing a glimpse into their thoughts over time. I use it as a review of the previous week…or in this case, the past few weeks.

off the edge

off the edge

the earth is not flat
opinion can’t make it so
life, death, and taxes

the sun rises and the sun sets
the moon’s face cycles new to full
we’re all bound by gravity’s pull
the truth is absolute and yet

it’s easy to forget and let
emotions cloud our fickle minds
you know it happens all the time
we pick and choose what to believe
it makes us easy to deceive
like silly sheep we follow blind


This week’s combo challenge inspired by Ronovan Writes 
Weekly Haiku Poetry Challenge, Prompt Words LIFE & VIEW 
(OPINION) and DĂ©cima Poetry Challenge, Prompt Word BLIND 
- C-Line Rhyme. 

A DĂ©cima is a ten line poem, eight syllables each line in the 
rhyme scheme: abbaaccddc. This week’s prompt word must 
be used at the end of one of the C lines with the other C lines 

bitter sweetness

bitter sweetness

when she thinks
of simpler times
before life became
complicated, before
the world split into two
when blood was thick and skin was deep
and love bore all things and believed all things...
smiles, though remembering breaks her heart


An Etheree for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday 
Theme prompt based on the poem below by Sue Vincent. 

clouds cover the moon,
beyond dawn's pale horizon
sun rises unseen

©2020 Sue Vincent


Background Photo by Public Domain on


restaurants and movie theaters consider
me a senior, rewarding my longevity
with fifty cents or so, might as well be
two cents, though I don’t need yours
or anyone’s opinion these days when
everyone has one, clinging to it like
truth. opinion is not truth, that’s my
two cents. take it or leave it. but I digress,
back to my status, senior, elderly, of a
certain age, labels that feel odd considering
the forever greenness of my mind, of my
perception, clouded by smoke and mirrors
that taunt me, body softening, surrendering
to gravity, hair thinning, my gait pensive,
cautious, slowing, my eyes amplified by
thickening glass, I remember when I
considered sixty-four, ancient, one foot
in the grave, out of touch, out of time, silly
me when I was young, invincible, carefree,
I don’t feel invincible these days, but
I don’t fear the inevitable either, just
calm, a certain peace, and grace, oodles
of grace that surrounds me like a lazy
river weaving round and round with me
floating on top of the waves, gazing at
the tree tops, backlit by blue, that sway
overhead, though I’m soon to be plucked
from the current, I’m ready whenever,
but for now I’m breathing, the air is
sweet and my heart is full, so very full


Monday Musings on this chilly Autumn day, just days from the U.S. celebration of Thanksgiving, which will be a bit different for many of us this year. Peace all.

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