Gone – a Cleave Poem



imagining you gone  | as fogs hovers
i still hear your whispers  | dripping with dew
your breath | a gentle breeze
warming my neck | infused by fragrance
the brush of your lips  | sweetness blossoming
against my skin | spring on the wind
imagining you gone | sun muted by the gray
pierces my heart  | remnants of night
rendering me inconsolable | causing the doves to mourn

kat ~ 31 March 2016

As promised, my second rendering of this interesting poetry form…the Cleave Poem. One should be able to read the left column, right column and each line across as a combined thought giving you three distinct poems. An interesting challenge indeed.

To learn more about the Cleave poem or to give it a try yourself, click HERE to Jane Doughertyโ€™s poetry challenge.

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