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December Dodoitsu #17

at times you’re impossible
driving me over the edge
while taking my breath away
dancing that thin line


December Dodoitsu #16

weekends are for taking naps
movie marathons and snacks
window shopping, playing apps
Monday comes to soon


December Dodoitsu #15

how many snowflakes does a
heart make, to catch my eye this
wintry night, reminding me
that love’s everywhere


It is a known fact to anyone who knows me that if there is a scattering of rocks, I can be found in the middle of them searching for the heart shaped ones. Over the years I have found hundreds of them. And I have also been known to give them away in hopes to brighten someone’s day. These are no ordinary rocks you see. They’ve been battered and chiseled, losing parts of themselves to become that familar shape, a heart, a symbol of love. I found my first one when I needed it most. I’ll never forget how it made me feel. I’ll never forget how I felt when I gave that precious lump of limestone away to someone who needed it more than me. I find them everywhere now. Heart shaped rocks, seashells, leaves, flower petals, and sometimes, clumps of snow. It helps me to remember what matters most. It reminds me I’m never alone. Love is everywhere you know. Peace to you ❤️

December Dodoitsu #14

Fine Print

a proprietary fact…
you’ve signed away every drop
of your blood and sweat in inc,
for perks like healthcare


December Dodoitsu #13

his dark eyes can pierce my soul
his kisses, oh, they make me swoon
lulling me to sleep, we spoon
soft snores, puppy breath


Uh, yes, I sleep with this big lump. 175 lbs of love! 🐾 Maxwell, English Mastiff. #DOG is my co-pilot! 😉

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