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Playing Magnets with the Muse

I could linger here
forever, surrounded by
velvet blue skies and
flower dazzled oceans
of green, the warm breeze,
like angel kisses on my face

when Love rains like
honey on our heads
the storms of life
seem less bitter


Magnetic Poetry

New Moon

shadow moon
dressed in black
let the fiddler play a
lively lick…we will sleep
beneath the purple diamond
misted sky, dreaming


Magnetic Poetry – Original Kit

Saturday with the Muse

ferocious defender of
hearth and home, yet
how softly she embraces
those she loves, only
a fool would cross her

with a thousand stars
in the night sky to wish
upon remember to listen
to your soul, emotions,
the heart, cannot
be trusted

gentle breezes
sweet birdsong
shade is growing
boughs are greening
beneath the late
winter sun


Magnetic Poetry Online

Saturday with the Muse

how bright the earth shines
as dark of night gives
way to the dawning sun
every day a wee bit
longer than the last


Magnetic Poetry Online Nature Kit

Monday with the Muse

I do not need cake or
champagne to celebrate the years
bits of magic dazzle me just fine
things like warm smiles, long kisses,
poetry, baby’s breath, belly laughs,
blue skies, and breezy mornings
are all I need to fill my cup


Magnetic Poetry Online – Poet Kit

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