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summer fading

berries on the vine
cold nip in the airs
summer softly fading
blossoms bursting seed

tree boughs gently rustle
baring their souls
as the nights grow long
full moon lingering, come dawn


Brought out the Nature Poet Kit magnets today. It is a gorgeous, sunny, cool day. But dusk is coming too soon.


morning blush,
sacred breath
warm and wet,
cool on my skin,
the night’s embrace


magnetic poetry – the poet’s Kit


they were like the sun
and the moon, their paths
only touching at dawn
and dusk, he, longing for
night, she, for the day


Magnetic Poetry – Nature Kit

a whisper

in the stillness
a whisper is music
to our ears, like
soft mist rising
after a storm


Magnetic Poetry-Original Kit

let it be so

let it be so

there in cool marble and concrete they haunt us
ghosts from the dark days of our broken past
sacred only to fools, their hearts poisoned by a lie
but it is time we wake from this old way
remember that we are brothers and sisters who
live and breathe and bleed red, the same in
god’s eyes…peace and healing is long overdue


Magnetic Poetry – Poet Kit

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