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Saturday Magnets

the moment we
believe in our
dreams, they
become something
to hope for

like a cat on a window
ledge, always looking
out as life passes by,
some of us are prisoners
never longing for more

‘tis the season of
peace and sacred
light, blossoms softly
frosted, love’s pure
longing, come to
quiet our souls
through the dark night


Magnetic Poetry

Magnetic Poetry Monday

she winds her way
from the mountain deep
life springing forth
through roots, over moss
covered stone…the river
is long, beautiful and
wild…she never rests


Magnetic Poetry Nature Kit

Saturday Magnets

The muse is being philosophical today…😉

light is not quiet
we’d know this
if we were listening

they will whisper
do it anyway
live like no one
is watching

i love knowing
that somewhere
in the world flowers
are blooming and
day is night…when
we look up we see
the same sky

go for brilliance
or not at all
there is no almost
to breathing


Magnetic Poetry

Wintersong-Magnetic Poetry Monday

softly she comes
murmuring on cold
breezes, covering
the earth gently
with thick blankets
of frost…winter calls
every soul to deep peace


Magnetic Poetry-Nature Kit

Magnetic Poetry Saturday

we fiddle away the
dreams of our youth
with no thought of
time…frantically trying
to make up
what we have lost

we forget we are
born of magic and
light the longer
we linger here
in the dark

she was an old soul;
a soft voiced listener
she could light up
a moment n time
making me believe
in happy ever always

my intuition, when I
follow it has led me
on some wild paths
but how lost I’d
be without her


magnetic poetry

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