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when the night is still,
amber lit, from horsehair walls
memories whisper
century-old tales slip through
the parting of the veil

kat ~ 1 November 2016
(Tanka- 5 lines/syllables 5/7/5/7/7)

A Tear in the Veil…

Victims of the fray
Slumber ‘neath shrouds of linen
Soon comes the reaper.

(…and a 21st Century version of the haiku above. Thanks to Susan at buildingapoem for the nudge 😊 …making me work for those syllables! )

Victims of the fray
Sleep under shrouds of linen
Soon comes the reaper.

Beyond the veil
Heaven and hell fight for souls
Free Will always wins.

kat ~ 4 March 2016

A few haiku in response to RonovanWrites Haiku challenge prompts: Fray and Veil. If you’d like to read other haiku or enter the challenge, click HERE.

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