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little tree

take care, what you wish for
little tree; don’t rush to blush
amidst midsummer’s balmy
haze, for summer comes but
once a season; take your cue from
elder trees, their lavish manes
of sparkling emerald, chartreuse
and sage, wisdom comes from
weathering life’s cycles, grace and
age, and autumn, with her cool dawn
snap will be here soon enough
you’ll see; so entertain the breeze
and dance, while dusk holds back
the shade of night, your dreams
will keep, they’re never late,
but lie in wait until the time
is right…oh little tree stay green,
let your sprouting limbs grow strong
stretch your roots into the loam
that holds the memories of home
in just a blink your innocence
will be laid bare, as winter’s
snow becomes your hair, the night
will wrap you tight and long and
you will wonder where time’s gone,
and think about the summers passed,
while drifting off to sleep


heart shift

Merlin invading space! ❤️
heart shift

even the tiniest of souls,
when they leave a space,
may impart a void so deep
and wide; though we may
try to fill it with memories,
stories long forgotten that
manifest, consuming our
thoughts, spilling out like balm
to comfort us in the emptiness,
that strange hush of one less
heartbeat, one less breath,
one less voice to fill the
hollow air surrounding us,
even the tiniest of souls,
once having touched our
hearts, never cease moving
us, though their physical
presence may dim, never
to return, it is then we realize
that they will never truly be
gone, because they became
a part of us, oh so very long
ago, and the emptiness we
feel is our own heart skipping
a beat, adjusting to the shift
that fondness of heart, and great
love in absentia, knows so well,
the bitter and the sweet


Taking a moment to wrap myself in grief over the loss of our very senior 21 year old gentleman cat, Merlin…may he rest in peace. Merlin 2001-2022

not nearly enough

not nearly enough

i have been lulled by the serene,
by cloud dappled cerulean, and green
by the scent of honeysuckle, fresh
cut blades of grass, by rose petals
stretched open wide, drenched in dew
by birdsong at dawn, crickets and
peepers at dusk, the sun and the moon
chasing each other day to night,
the stars granting wishes
before fading from sight…she is
a beguiling mistress, nature,
it’s easy to forget she has a dark
side; a cycle of life, daunting
for those low on the food chain…
usually efficient, she sends
the buzzards to remove remnants
of untimely death from the forest floor
usually, but not today as i happened
upon a tiny shank of fresh meat,
fur still clinging to exposed bone,
undeniably of rabbit, nestled
in pressed down clover, beautiful
green, the sun shining, a soft,
fragrant breeze rustling the leaves
and all i could think was how grateful
i was not to have witnessed
the brutal carnage that happened
here under the trees, my heart
breaking for that poor creature,
emotions flooding my soul, heart
breaking for all manner of suffering
as the world grows darker by the day
remnants of untimely carnage left
in the open forcing us to see, no
longer kept hidden behind closed
doors or in the shadows, life is not
all rainbows and butterflies
and there are not enough buzzards,
what magnificent creatures they are,
to sweep away the bloody mess
we’ve made of things, not nearly enough

As luck would have it, it was raining when i recorded this melancholy poem… or maybe it has nothing to do with luck. 😉

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