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The Brightest Star



Photo by ©Jess Mann

The Brightest Star

I used to wish upon the brightest star
that you and I would love eternally
on nights we’d sit at water’s edge til dawn
and dream about the future you and me
but stars cannot be trusted with our dreams
they’re just a pale reflection of the past
illusions of a light that’s long since died
and proof that nothing in this world lasts
‘twas just a silly wish I held onto
that I would never walk this path alone
but fate usurped star’s power in the end
the reaper took his cue and called you home
I still sit by the river late at night
but not to wish or dream as lovers do
I seek the brightest star that I can find
and wonder to myself if it is you.

kat ~ 31 August 2016

This poem is in response to Jane Dougherty’s Challenge to write a metered poem in Tetrameter (four beats to the line) or Pentameter (five beats). I chose the latter and while it was not compulsory for my poem to rhyme, it ended up that way. It reads like a ballad…a throwback to my songwriting days. The prompt words that Jane suggested are Stars, Night and Water and the photo prompt above is loaned to us by ©Jess Mann.



Election Reflection

it’s not like words will change our minds
we’re wasting time
sharing more thoughts
our soul’s are bought

so as this fight comes to an end
to all lost friends

let’s hope we can bridge the divide
once we decide
t’would be a sin
to let hate win

kat ~ 30 August 2016
(A Minute Poem)

Smourting (Social Media Courting)

So yes! I’ve made up a new word! It is a combination of “Social Media” or SM and “Courting”…Smourting. Doesn’t sound very romantic does it? That’s probably because it isn’t!

At any rate, here is my haiku for Haiku Horizon’s Challenge Prompt “Court”. I supposed I could have gone the “judge Judy” route or the NBA route, but I’m a romantic…what can I say?! Hope you have a chance to have a tête-à-tête with someone special this week. 😉



‘Twas a simpler time
when courting meant tête-à-têtes
not skypes, tweets, and texts!

kat ~ 30 August 2016

River Stone Haiku


love is consuming
like a wild river through me,
it rocks my world

a raging river
with power to smooth rough stone
cannot be contained

kat ~ 30 August 2016

For Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge. Prompts this week are: River & Stone.

Everything Golden


gold ore needs alloys
to become strong, resilient
gold hearts need allies.

~kat ~ 30 August 2016

For TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge’s Haiku Hub. This week’s prompt is “Gold”.



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