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evil comes in phases
like a cloud that streams
soft light while the storm
waits, gaining force


Magnetic Poetry – the Geek Kit

like diamonds

thousands ache beneath
the shadow of death, but
some souls laid bare
in the eye of the storm
are like diamonds in the
mist, moved to love
in a symphony of light


Magnetic Poetry – Original Kit


she was a dreamer
a devotee of the sacred
finding joy in quiet moments,
music in laughter, the goddess
in the sweetness of a bloom,
belonging in the sound of a heart
beat, she believed in love


Magnetic Poetry – The Love Kit

Faithful Dawn

though the dark of night
may seem unbearably
long, know that soon comes
the dawn, bright and beautiful
breathing life and light into
every living thing…always


Magnetic Poetry – Nature Poet

Magnetic Monday – Sunflowers



come spring, we’ll toss
sunflower seeds over the
wild grassy edge of our
beautiful sanctuary, daffodils
and roses too, along
the forest path…for in
a world so troubled,
there must always be
blossoms, sweet, blooming to
soften the darkest of nights,
if only for a season


Working my way back into the groove. Monday’s are for Magnetic Poetry and dalliances with the Muse. True story…we did pick up several packages of flower seeds over the weekend, to be sowed in a few weeks, come spring.

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