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Monday Magnets

Getting a wee bit more snow this morning. Enough to be pretty. ❤️

cool stillness
a symphony of
icy blue
misty spray,
on my tongue


Original Magnetic Poetry Kit

Saturday with the Muse

the wind is never quiet
it rustles and murmurs
softly, as if reminding
us to breathe

love is not for the
faint of heart
it will say
sweet nothings
to charm you but
what love wants
is your soul

the universe surrounds us
with dazzling things, but
we always long for more

nothing is louder than
a whisper in the stillness…
nothing is as dark
as a shadow looming

Magnetic Poetry Online

Monday Magnets

I am lonely for
spring; sweet flowery
breezes, warm rain,
roses, daffodils,
wild blankets of green…
how my soul longs
for beautiful eden’s seed


Magnetic Poetry – Nature Kit

Saturday’s with the Muse

keep the faith
hope for peace
believe…but remember
god does her best
work with a little help
from you

healing never comes
to those who linger
on things that
could have been

death is but a
passage to the
sweet by and by
a tiny sleep, but
life goes on

eden must have
been beautiful to
behold, but I do believe
that I can feel its sweet
spirit every spring


Magnetic Poetry Online

Monday Magnets

we have all but
forgotten the music
but it has never
stopped playing
listen to the wind


Magnetic Poetry – Original Kit

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