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Sunday Week in Review – 1 November 2015


A curious week this was, what with a full moon, and Halloween, thinning veils and spooky themes. It made for quite an interesting verse in review, but as it always seems to, this week makes perfect sense in retrospect. And so we settle in to begin a new week and a new month. Darker, shorter days and cooling temperatures. Hope you had a great week too! 😊 See you on the other side!  

Sunday Week in Review – 1 November 2015

She was a collector of old things,
Nips at our heels
With troubles
That can
The footsteps behind her got faster.
deep cerulean on white
Next time you decide to be a hero, let someone know!
her reflection lied
But it is the photo pictured above that he carries with him always.
Someone really should move that old chair
but don’t intrude
the spirit world encroaches
“Unbelievable!” he cried.
moonglow and cricket song
and at the shore i like my
sea to foam in azure mist,
The choir sweetly sang
avoiding every sidewalk crack
They’ll find you my sweet.

~kat~ 1 November 2015

If you’re new to this blog, a bit of background to explain the verse above. It is a line from each poem or prose from the previous week. Lifted and placed in the order written. A snapshot review of the week. It helps me clean the slate…reflect and ready myself for the new week. 

Spooky – A Limerick

Sash the doors, turn out the lights…
try to hide this spooky night!
They’ll find you my sweet
And howl, “trick or treat!”
Greedy for sugary delights!

~kat~ 31 October 2015

A Limerick Challenge from Sometimes Steller Storyteller. Prompt: Spooky. Click HERE to read more!

Superstition – A Six Word Story

 She skipped, avoiding every sidewalk crack.

~ kar ~ 31 October 2015

A Six Word Story prompted by A Sometimes Steller Storyteller. Click HERE to read more or play along. 

Epicedium – Friday’s Word of the Day Haiku


Nowadays, we call them “eulogies” or tributes, but back in the 1500’s it was an Epicedium that would be performed in honor of the dearly departed. I suppose it is a poignant word for this time of year…with Hallowe’en, All Soul’s Day and the Day of the Dead all happening in the next few days! The veil is very thin indeed and our thoughts often drift to those who have gone before us. It’s nice to think that in times of old they sent folks out with a song. Likely written especially for the occasion, personally for that person. Today we blabber and blah, blah, blah at funerals. This is one of those quaint words that makes one long for the old way of doing things.

At any rate…there was not a lot of additional info online relating to this word. It was difficult even to find it used in a sentence. I will, however, attempt to create a Haiku using it. Have a great weekend fellow WordPressers. I give you Epicedium – A Haiku.

The choir sweetly sang
an epicedium to the queen
their much loved monarch.

~ kat ~ 30 October 2015



i like my sky cerulean
my clouds in platinum.
the earth beneath my
feet in russet tones,
the grass viridian.
and at the shore i like my
sea to foam in azure mist,
the warm soft sand
between my toes a pale
papaya whip. the lemon
chiffon sun at dawn is loveliest
in tangerine. at dusk an amber
glow at the horizon’s edge
is quite serene a scene.
when storm clouds come as
they oft’ do, i fancy them
in purple taupe, the lightning
flashes ghost white underneath
a mint cream moon. the night
sky phthalo-black, a backdrop
for the splashed white stars…
give me a box of crayons,
i’ll be quite content for hours!

~ kat ~ 29 October 2015

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