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a hit and a miss

photo by Christopher Burns via Unsplash

The tennis court was littered with hundreds of balls.

“How long has he been at it?” asked an onlooker as Pete continued to execute perfect serves, one right after the other, each gliding smoothly over the net dropping just inside the baseline.

“All day, poor guy, I doubt he’ll ever get over the double fault that handed the win to his opponent at the National Championship!”


For Sonya’s Three Line Tale Challenge inspired by this photo by Christopher Burns via Unsplash.

The Crime Scene


photo by Hans Vivek via Unsplash

It was more than a “clean up on aisle 3” type of request which is why the police were called and the sanitation crew ordered to wait outside for their arrival.

This was the 10th time in as many months that they had been called to the Utopia Night Club on Main to clean up the mess, interestingly, always the day following a full moon.

It was particularly gruesome and troubling that splattered everywhere was not the usual animal blood, but human.


For Sonya’s Three Line Tale Challenge based on this photo by photo by Hans Vivek via Unsplash.

Global Uprising

It was a rare thing for polar bears and walruses to hold conference, but these are rare times.

They were soon joined by the elk, reindeer, foxes, seals, lynx, puffins, gannets, eagles, hawks and owls, and orcas and grey whales, spiny dog-fish and dolphin; an epic gathering by land sea and air, each one peaceable toward the other, evidence of the gravity of the situation.

The great sea turtle spoke from his perch at water’s edge, “These homo-sapiens are worse than their fore-bearers, the neanderthals, bent on destroying our beautiful mother and her creatures, and it is up to us to ensure their extinction, just as our ancestors did before us!”

For Sonya’s Three Line Tale Challenge based on this interesting photo by Caterina Sanders via Unsplash.

Unspoken Rule


Photo by Bogdan Dada via Unsplash

Passersby could not help but notice the rusted chain and padlock on the loft window of the tower, but they never let on, following the unspoken town rule of silence while passing.

When visitors came to town, the locals were swift to scurry them past, lest they disturb the fiend that resided behind the faded blue shutters by asking too loudly about the chains.

It was such a sad story, you see, because the only way they could save themselves from the cruel edicts of the terrible dictator was to lock him away with cable tv, fast food and a phone for tweeting.


Sorry…just had to have a bit of fun with this one. Have a lovely week everyone. This little story is for Sonya’s Three Line Tale Challenge based on the photo above by Bogdan Dada via Unsplash

The Round-up

photo by Tobias Keller via Unsplash

The Round-up

“I never thought I’d be rounding up cattle like a Cowboy!” Hannah chirped from the rear of the team.

“You are more like a Cowgirl, sis” her brother quipped, “but the most important thing is that you are here and we are giving these guys a new life at Harmony Farms.”

Hannah smiled, settling into the saddle, “I couldn’t imagine one of these babies on someone’s plate at the local steakhouse!”


(A disclaimer…I am a vegetarian, 😉 and this is how I imagine cattle rustling.)

A Three Line Tale inspired by the photo above.

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