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Love and Hate – a Cleave Poem

(A cleave poem is three poems in one often with two contrasting views expressed. Read the left side / top to bottom, then the / right side and finally read the entire / line across top to bottom.)

our intention is love though / hate sells
it is hard / fear is a motivator
to love / lies, repeated, doubled down
in times like this / over and over
when so much is at stake / become the truth
we don’t have the luxury / because people are fools
to rest on the sidelines / easily falling
wallowing in despair / for alternative facts
remember this / forget the truth
we are not victims / its a brilliant plan
we are over-comers / victory is a lie away
lovers of justice / power is everything
followers of peace / weaklings are losers
freedom is not free / you have to fight
so let your intention be / survival of the fittest
love and only love / is our motto
for only love will / be afraid, be very afraid
save us from ourselves / let us save you


an empty nester’s CHARADE – A Cleave Poem

For Mind Love Misery’s Menagerie Sunday Writing prompt: “From one place to another – A argument that goes back and forward.”

Today’s challenge is the perfect setting for a cleave poem. you know the rules: read the FIRST COLUMN FIRST, then the second, then ALL THE / way across.

an empty nester’s CHARADE

I AM FIERCE / i am terrified
AN INDEPENDENT WOMAN / of dying alone
I DON’T NEED ANYONE / that you will forget
I AM A SURVIVOR / i existed
LIFE’S CHALLENGES / most importantly
I’VE OVERCOME EACH ONE / i am afraid
I’M A WINNER / you don’t believe
I’M MAKING A MARK / you were the best part
LEAVING A LEGACY / the biggest thing i ever did
FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS / i have loved you fiercely
REMEMBER ME / more than life itself


Independence Day – A Cleave Poem

(A Cleave poem is three poems in one. First read column one, top to bottom, then column two, then each line across.)

Independence Day

they sought freedom / a better life
on a distant shore / just over the Rio Grande
a month’s long journey by water / across treacherous terrain
entire families / they came with nothing
risking everything / but their precious children
to chase a dream / only to face a nightmare
when met with hardship / separated by icy hate
the people fought / begging for mercy
for freedom and liberty / for their babies, now orphaned
a cost too dear / by a once shining beacon
too pay / a lady, now looking away
some would say / on a hill
bloodshed and glory / she’s building a wall
the ultimate sacrifice / it can’t come too soon
paid by heroes / whatever the cost
for our independence / to protect them from us


For some this is a day of national pride and celebration, barbecues, family gatheries and fireworks. For others, it is a continuing nightmare. We have forgotten that most of us were foreigners and refugees once. I cannot celebrate until we remember.

Alone Shooter – NaPoWriMo 2018 Day 15

Alone Shooter

(A Cleave Poem, meant to be read in three parts, top to bottom, first column, second column, then the / entire line.)

I’m going to be a legend / I know I don’t matter
the whole world will know me / they treat me like I don’t exist
the ones that say / it’s better that way, I think
I’m a weirdo, I’m strange / better than the beatings and
I’ll show them / the broken bones
they won’t be laughing then / how could someone treat a kid like this?
when I do what I do / I tried to be good
I’ve been planning for years / but I was never good enough
the world makes it so easy / failure is all I know
for freedom fighters like me / I never had a chance, you know
we’re an elite militia, genius, / to be normal, what’s that?
armed to the teeth / life’s a bitch and then you die
I’m gonna make my mark / and when I’m gone
you’ll remember my name / no one will miss me
I’ll write it for you in blood / worm-feed in an unmarked grave


The prompt for today’s NaPoWriMo 2018 Day 15 was: write a poem in which a villain faces an unfortunate situation, and is revealed to be human (but still evil). There is tragedy to be found in the life of the villains of our time.

The Battle is Real – NaPoWriMo 2018 Day 2


Photo from Pinterest

The Battle is Real – A Cleave Poem (see below for instructions on reading a Cleave*)

you know you want to / oh, I really shouldn’t
no one will notice / but it’s my favorite
just go for it while no one’s looking / of course I can’t; I won’t
you know what they say / the guilt would kill me
better to ask for forgiveness / all it would take is one look at my face
than beg for permission / and they’d know it was me
so go ahead  / just walk away from the table
take that last cookie / you don’t need the calories
it’s calling your name / let someone else
savor every sweet bite / eat the last cookie
somebody has to / you have manners after all
might as well be you / there is reward in doing the right thing


For Day 2 of NaPoWriMo 2018’s Challenge. Prompt: write a poem that plays with voice.
This is an example the battle that happens inside my head between “good me” and “naughty me”. I thought a cleave poem would be the perfect format.

*Read it top to bottom three times, column one first, then column two, and finally the entire line across.



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