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November Naani #14

if you’ve never been
eye to eye with spitting rage
hate is a shocking shocking aberration
it’s time to wake up


Pleasant Read – A Reverse Etheree

it’s between the lines, the truest words dwell
skimmers who riffle miss the fine print,
the loveliest thoughts are not ink
blots on pages, the writer’s
exquisite intention,
is deciphered by
those who peruse
with their heart
and their


A Reverse Etheree for Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge, Synonyms Only for this week’s prompt words: pleasant, fine, lovely, exquisite, and read, decipher, peruse, skim, riffle.

November Naani #13

just a drizzle, they said
’twas a deluge instead
pummeling our heads
rainy days and bad hair


November Naani #11

change comes by going there,
politics, religion,
no one deserves the luxury
of neutrality


November Naani #10

peace exists
in the whisper of the wind,
the crash of waves on the shore,
but not in silence


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