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mystic alchemy
dried flowers, essential oils…
sweet resurrection

kat ~ 31 May 2016

For TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge. the prompt this week is Potpourri.

Tomb of the Unknown

As we honor those who died in service to their country this Memoral Day…

like mercury colliding...

Photo Credit: J.R. Munoz-McNally - Sunday, January 13, 2008 Photo Credit: J.R. Munoz-McNally – Sunday, January 13, 2008

The white-gloved, dressed-blue Sentinels walk
twenty-one steps from end to end
so to honor those Unknown
who answered duty’s call
known but to God
their motives
atop a hill…
no widow’s goodbye
nor mother’s mournful cry
yet guarded hour to hour
a nation solemnly declares
none who die for freedom die in vain.

~kat 12 November 2015

This verse was prompted by Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challenge #5…the Nonet with the theme being “war in any of its forms, taken from any angle.”. A Nonet is 9 line verses with syllables: 9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. As suggested I added a reverse Nonet as well.  If you’d like to read more Nonets or participate in this challenge click HERE.

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Grace at Dawn

I’ll take
my diamonds at
dawn, chartreuse,
dewy, baubles…and sip
tea, honey sweet, serenaded
by trillers, warblers, and
cooing mourners, hints
of honeysuckle, lavender
and freesia on the
breeze…for I would be
remiss to miss such
bliss, this gift
of morning

kat ~ 30 May 2016

Shi Sai Sunday’s Week in ReVerse ~ 29 May 2016

Perfection! I am in love with this week’s ReVerse! I have been less chatty this week but it is because I am approaching a big milestone this coming week. It is quite natural to look back when one reaches a decade birthday. Add to my own personal reflection the fact that the New Moon is also coming this week. It is the perfect blank slate to launch the next chapter of my life! I am so grateful to be here. 

Have a wonderful week! I hope you have the occasion to eat cake! ❤️

Shi Sai Sunday’s Week in ReVerse ~ 29 May 2016

I might give my younger self…
who fancied tufted tuffets
along the treaded road to home
the tree with a bird shaped leaf in winter
tattered, frayed on the edges
It’s only skin deep
urgency as if
I am Love and Magic.


The Shi Sai, a form created by Kat Myrman in April 2016, is a poem created by taking one line of verse from several poems of an author’s own collection. The shi sai is done as a review of a series or collection of poems and therefore, each line should flow in chronological order of the dates the poems were written (from oldest to new). The lines chosen should be the author’s favorite from each poem. This form works best if the author resists the temptation to read the full new poem before all the verses have been added. (It helps one to resist the impulse to change a line to make it “fit”)

This Is Sixty

I celebrate my sixtieth year on the planet this week…and I’m just getting started! ❤️

Bring me Noodles and
Peaches and Diamonds
for this Jubilee! I am
Metal, Fire, Water,
Earth, and Wood…I am
Virgo and Venus, a Lover
and a Devil, Matriarch
and Crone, a full-cycled
Soul embarking on a
new wave of Harmony,
Peace, Justice and
Truth…a whirling
dervish of Fibonacci
perfected Chaos oozing
Harmony, Balance and
Nurture for I am
Wisdom and Grace,
a Red Rose in full
bloom. I am Winter.
A mere Three-Score,
Composite of Abundance,
a Sexagenarian measured
in seconds and minutes,
cubits and talents, in vertex
angles of unilateral
triangles and buckyballs…
I am ancient…I am
timeless! And I am a
Kosher Babyboomer
Daughter, Sister, Mother,
Friend…Grandmother, Anam
Cara, Soul Mate, Twin…
I am Love and Magic,
the sum of decades
of experience, still
young enough to
reap the rewards…So
I’ll nap when I need to,
go bra-less, wear less
make-up, more flat
shoes and comfortable
clothes, and I’ll play
more, worry less and
shed whatever no
longer makes me
happy. This is what
sixty looks like,
instructions no longer
needed. I finally love
this familiar soft skin
that I’m in and my
graying locks…and
one more thing…
I don’t want anyTHING
for this milestone
birthday…I will
have a plate of
sweet red velvet
cake and most of
all I just want YOU.

kat ~ 28 May 2016

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