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Tanka Tuesday Trio

A Shadorma (3/5/3/3/7/5) for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge. Today’s Prompt: Poet’s Choice, following Colleen’s suggestion to give thanks this December as the year draws to an end.

in the end
compassion prevailed
but only
by a thread
history in the making’s
ours for the taking

Also tried a Gogyohka. Each line of a Gogyohka comprises one phrase with a line-break after each phrase or breath.

do not linger
in the minds
of daydreamers
roused by the light

And finally a Tanka. 57577

thank you dear strangers
for caring about others
for wearing a mask
to all unlikely heroes
we see you; we won’t forget


off the edge

off the edge

the earth is not flat
opinion can’t make it so
life, death, and taxes

the sun rises and the sun sets
the moon’s face cycles new to full
we’re all bound by gravity’s pull
the truth is absolute and yet

it’s easy to forget and let
emotions cloud our fickle minds
you know it happens all the time
we pick and choose what to believe
it makes us easy to deceive
like silly sheep we follow blind


This week’s combo challenge inspired by Ronovan Writes 
Weekly Haiku Poetry Challenge, Prompt Words LIFE & VIEW 
(OPINION) and Décima Poetry Challenge, Prompt Word BLIND 
- C-Line Rhyme. 

A Décima is a ten line poem, eight syllables each line in the 
rhyme scheme: abbaaccddc. This week’s prompt word must 
be used at the end of one of the C lines with the other C lines 

bitter sweetness

bitter sweetness

when she thinks
of simpler times
before life became
complicated, before
the world split into two
when blood was thick and skin was deep
and love bore all things and believed all things...
smiles, though remembering breaks her heart


An Etheree for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday 
Theme prompt based on the poem below by Sue Vincent. 

clouds cover the moon,
beyond dawn's pale horizon
sun rises unseen

©2020 Sue Vincent

dare to hope

dare to hope

we shouldn’t be at all surprised
when vile wolves disguised as sheep
prowl the darkness while we sleep
crooning dissonant lullabies
that fill our foolish ears with lies
we shouldn’t be surprised at all
when silly sheep refuse to call
these wolves the monsters that they are,
to send them packing…au revoir!
it won’t be long until they fall

dread of the future
is fading away in waves
dare to hope again


For Ronovan Writes, a combined response to the Décima Poetry Challenge, Prompt Word: SLEEP – B-Line Rhyme and the Haiku Poetry Challenge, Prompt Words: EBB (fading away) & FLOW (waves).

the abyss

sometimes the abyss
is a pool of black water,
deep, its skin like glass
capturing reflections of
innocence slipping away


A Tanka for Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge, this week’s ekphrastic photo prompt courtesy of Diana Peach.

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