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warm wet…fever

warm wet…fever

it’s that time
of year when
spring swoops in


breezes that smell
of musk and life
simmering just
below the loam


air that makes me wish
i’d worn less today
my skin sweating from
the heat, my core
on fire with fever


Another Cadae. I love this poetry form! The weather wtoday is quite balmy. A calm before a storm heading our way. As I type hornets that have roused from their boroughs are swirling around me with their incessant buzzing. I’m sure they are just as happy as me that spring is ever near, but they add a bit of drama to my attempt to soak in the sun and rest for a spell. 🙄

letting go

letting go

from a distance
letting go takes one’s breath
a symphony of amber, crimson,
gold, emerald summer flare
fading, cool winds of change
wooing us to dance like dervishes
to break free of all bounds, to ride
the gale with abandon, to flutter
softly to the earth, in afterglow
of ecstasy, to drink the dew, to sleep
letting go takes one’s breath
from a distance

when one draws near
there’s no denying truth
clarity, reality, convey a somber
view of brittle bones, age-dappled
skin, fragile veins, the cusp of
death, spring, summer, now autumn
fading, letting go, the grim final
hurrah that exposes our nakedness
letting go is not so pretty, we cling,
longing for a spring we’ll never see
there’s no denying truth
when one draws near

in the end
when all is said and done
when all that is left of us is dust
when the earth reclaims our mortal
shell, what stories will our brief life
tell, memories perhaps of greening,
vibrant, shading, dancing, dreaming,
kissed by sun, caressed in moon glow,
brief, a blip, we laughed, we loved,
we lived life full…oh how we loved!
when all is said and done
in the end


Essence #27

snow gets old, a bummer…
we’ll miss cold come summer


Day 27 for Jane Dougherty’s Daily Essence Poem Challenge. As much as I complain about the cold, I am well aware that once mid-summer arrives I will be begging for relief from the heat! We are never happy. 🙂

black moon rising – magnetized

black moon rising

season of the in-between
frosted blossoms withering
trees of verdant green
now softly browning
squirrels root for seed
to winter on
come dark moon, the nights
grow longer
gently rock this world
rest our souls
in deepest peace…

kat ~ 30 October 2016
(Magnetic Poetry Online Nature Kit)

Seasons – Magnetic Poetry Monday


seasons cycle gently
from spring to summer,
fall to winter…
would that I could
breeze through life
as willingly

kat ~ 3 October 2016

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