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Calm Lake – A Haiku

pearlescent skin
translucent, placid surface
misty lake at dawn


A Haiku for Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge, prompt Words, Lake & Calm (placid).

Magnetic Poetry Monday

season of deep
color, forest paths
lightly covered
it is dark dusky
quiet…wander with me
my love, through
the rustling leaves


Magnetic Poetry – Nature Kit

Magnetic Poetry Monday

how must it feel
to dying leaves after
falling from above, never
more to rustle, warmed
by soft sunny breezes
who see only the brown
lonely boughs of a tree
they loved, longing for
beautiful green cover…
but for some wild
night of wind, they are
left to wither alone


magnetic poetry (nature kit)

Magnetic Poetry Saturday

there will always be
evil in this world
but there is more
to offset almost
every sinister force
and love…that too

to follow after or
wander alone…which
way is the path
to peace in a world
rooted in stone

time is eternity’s prisoner
we are born only
to grow old and die
remembered only
by lingering sadness

chocolate can be bitter
barely a day goes
by that I don’t
crave its sweetness
on my tongue


Magnetic Poetry

Magnetic Poetry Saturday

my garden heaves her

last bit of sweetness

as the cool beauty of

death whispers to her

urging her to sleep…

to dream of spring

I am not dazzled by

broken gods and

fool-hearty men who

must be surrounded by

all-embracing prisoners

of fear to feel whole

keep trusting in

the goodness of

others even if it is

hard to see….I

believe it’s always

there, waiting to care

every path is thick

with followers but

wanderers leave fresh

tracks through the wild


Magnetic Poetry

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