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Saturday with the Muse

how bright the earth shines
as dark of night gives
way to the dawning sun
every day a wee bit
longer than the last


Magnetic Poetry Online Nature Kit

November Naani #3

autumn frosted evergreens
gilded needles clinging
soon to shed their brittle blades
bedding for the hinds


A Naani poem consits of 4 lines, 20-25 syllables in all.

November Naani #2

pricked by boughs swept
bare, hovering low, the
clouds, drizzle droplets
pitapatting on the fallen leaves


November’s Daily Poetry form is the Naani – 4 lines, 20-25 syllables in all.

Saturday with the Muse

secret garden song

deep beneath the gentle
cover of dying leaves
seeds sleep dreaming
of a beautiful sun that
they will never see

the growling surrounds
us…hot breath, wild eyes,
fools poisoned by lies
seeing only red

a thousand wishes fill
the night sky with light
the hope of dreamers

moon shadow misting
dreams of cool cats fiddling
and mad cows leaping


September Poem #30

just breathe
inhale, exhale,
you are having a moment
right here, right now, you are present
listen…there is birdsong


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