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November Naani #3

autumn frosted evergreens
gilded needles clinging
soon to shed their brittle blades
bedding for the hinds


A Naani poem consits of 4 lines, 20-25 syllables in all.

November Naani #2

pricked by boughs swept
bare, hovering low, the
clouds, drizzle droplets
pitapatting on the fallen leaves


November’s Daily Poetry form is the Naani – 4 lines, 20-25 syllables in all.

Saturday with the Muse

secret garden song

deep beneath the gentle
cover of dying leaves
seeds sleep dreaming
of a beautiful sun that
they will never see

the growling surrounds
us…hot breath, wild eyes,
fools poisoned by lies
seeing only red

a thousand wishes fill
the night sky with light
the hope of dreamers

moon shadow misting
dreams of cool cats fiddling
and mad cows leaping


September Poem #30

just breathe
inhale, exhale,
you are having a moment
right here, right now, you are present
listen…there is birdsong


Saturday with the Muse

She’s back…the Muse was on holiday. 😉

believing a thing,
even with emotion,
is not truer
than knowing it

sleeping in could be
one of life’s sweetest
pleasures…may the
dreams never end

another dawn breathes life
and light into the darkest of
nights as if to say it is
never too late for a do over

when we awaken from
this nightmare with its poison
smoke lingering, some may
come away with hearts of ice
but for those devoured by
dark secrets, remembering…
morning will never bring peace


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