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Magnetic Poetry Saturday

eternity comes and

goes…it is here

and there and

nowhere…it has

nothing to do

with time

the moon’s dark face

is coming to cover the

sun leaving a path

through our soul

too bright to behold

in the stillness

after a storm

our dreams

whisper to us

from the mist

love is a powerful

emotion, but it’s

nothing if your

heart’s not in it


Magnetic Poetry – Poet, Nature, Original, Love Kits

You Can Call Me Terry

“Geologists have a saying – rocks remember.” ~Neil Armstrong

Photo by © CEAyr

“Hello there.”

“What?! Who said that? Who’s there?!”

“I’m down here.”

“But, you’re a rock!”

“That’s right! My name is Terrance A. Cotta, the 1003rd, but you can call me Terry…get it? Sheesh! Humans are so dense!”

“I’m going crazy!”

“Oh, get over yourself! You and I are made of the same stuff you know. You’re just mucilaginous. I was once a mountain. I soared so high I danced with the clouds.”

“Mucilaginous? What’s that mean? Never mind. I’m outa here!”

“Oh well, off you go then. But I could tell you things, if you’d listen. I could tell you things…”


100 Words for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneers 100 Word Story Challenge prompted by the photo above by CEAyr.

Intuition’s Murmur – Magnetic Poetry Monday

breathe the sun
feel the blue
listen to shady green
and follow rosy cloud
blossoms to where
ancient rocks sing
secret songs of your
souls deep quiet


Magnetic Poetry Nature Kit

Magnetic Poetry Saturday

dark blue night
frosted tendrils
softly fall to earth
full moon dusking
airy light


Magnetic Poetry Nature Kit

Magnetic Poetry Monday

almost an angel, always
after a breeze, childlike,
dazzling breath of magic…
your life is poetry in rhythm
with eternity…do not listen to
the voices of fools who
say you cannot fly


Magnetic Poetry Poet Kit

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