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letting go

letting go

from a distance
letting go takes one’s breath
a symphony of amber, crimson,
gold, emerald summer flare
fading, cool winds of change
wooing us to dance like dervishes
to break free of all bounds, to ride
the gale with abandon, to flutter
softly to the earth, in afterglow
of ecstasy, to drink the dew, to sleep
letting go takes one’s breath
from a distance

when one draws near
there’s no denying truth
clarity, reality, convey a somber
view of brittle bones, age-dappled
skin, fragile veins, the cusp of
death, spring, summer, now autumn
fading, letting go, the grim final
hurrah that exposes our nakedness
letting go is not so pretty, we cling,
longing for a spring we’ll never see
there’s no denying truth
when one draws near

in the end
when all is said and done
when all that is left of us is dust
when the earth reclaims our mortal
shell, what stories will our brief life
tell, memories perhaps of greening,
vibrant, shading, dancing, dreaming,
kissed by sun, caressed in moon glow,
brief, a blip, we laughed, we loved,
we lived life full…oh how we loved!
when all is said and done
in the end


beautiful release


when nights stretch long and
winds grow chill, her sacrificial
rite begins, the tender tease
of each lush leaf, to blush from
frost-flutter kisses plunging
to a stunning denouement…
a million tiny deaths sweetly
released to dance on breezes,
gently sinking, soon consumed.

would that I could learn
to let go just as gracefully,
in vulnerable, abandon
to embrace the tingling thrill
of nakedness for all to see
to shed all vain encumbrances,
to emulate an autumn tree,
I might at long last know
the bliss of being truly free.

~ kat ~ autumn 2015


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