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Essence #17

cat striped, sunlight streaming
a blissful sight, dreaming


Day 17’s Essence for Jane Dougherty’s Challenge. A bit late to the party but it took the late afternoon sun to capture the magic. Meet my fluffy grey, Sebastian. ❤️

Essence #16

crystalline, cool stillness
blue serene, sweet greenness


Day 16 for Jane Dougherty’s daily Essence poem challenge. After yesterday’s bluster, today is a beautiful day. Too bad I’m stuck at my desk. At least the view is nice! 😊 Happy Friday!

Essence #15


Day 15 for Jane Dougherty’s Daily Essence Poem Challenge. March is roaring like a lion as blustery gales whip the blossom heavy branches of trees outside my window at work. Resilient little buds, those cherry blossoms! They’re hanging on!

Essence #14

melted snow, muddy swamp
where my dogs go to romp 😫


Day 14 for Jane Dougherty’s Daily Essence Poem Challenge. My poor hardwood floors…and don’t even ask me about the furniture!!! 😮

Essence #13

winter stings budding trees
soon comes spring’s balmy breeze


Day 13 of Jane Dougherty’s Daily Essence Poem Challenge.

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