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Love and Hate – a Cleave Poem

(A cleave poem is three poems in one often with two contrasting views expressed. Read the left side / top to bottom, then the / right side and finally read the entire / line across top to bottom.)

our intention is love though / hate sells
it is hard / fear is a motivator
to love / lies, repeated, doubled down
in times like this / over and over
when so much is at stake / become the truth
we don’t have the luxury / because people are fools
to rest on the sidelines / easily falling
wallowing in despair / for alternative facts
remember this / forget the truth
we are not victims / its a brilliant plan
we are over-comers / victory is a lie away
lovers of justice / power is everything
followers of peace / weaklings are losers
freedom is not free / you have to fight
so let your intention be / survival of the fittest
love and only love / is our motto
for only love will / be afraid, be very afraid
save us from ourselves / let us save you


Show Me

la la blah blah blah
words professing peace and love
mean nothing…show me


For Ronovan Writes Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge, Prompt words, ‘sing’ (profess) and ‘peace’.

Monday Magnets

the universe sings,
this sun-filled morning,
with a thousand hopeful
wishes for peace, love and
joy…let’s remember this
moment when our hearts
lose faith in dreams


Magnetic Poetry – Love Kit


nightsong of winter
silence in darkness swelling
deafening stillness


For Haiku Horizons’ Challenge, prompt word, “peace” (stillness).

Magnetic Poetry Monday

let us linger here
where hearts are
warm and all those
looking for peace
and healing remember
the magic of this
season of joy


Magnetic Poetry – Poet Kit

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