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September Poem #23

The view of Pluto from its nearest moon Charon.

planet demoted
but scientists relented
Pluto’s a planet after all
and the moon’s made of cheese


Well, one never knows. 🤣 A bit of whimsy to launch a new week. Have a good one! I have high hopes. 😊

Afternoon Zen

Rainfall is a beautiful sound. Lovely on a Saturday afternoon!

September Poem #21

a distress call
slaughtered leaves of grass bleed green
in fragrant wisps, our savagery
revealed in neatly coifed lawns


As if I needed one more thing to be distressed over. Now I hate myself for loving the smell of fresh cut grass! And as a vegetarian, I wonder if the fresh fruits and veggies I consume are silently screaming as I eat them alive. 😳 It’s been a long week as you can tell. TGIF!

Fun Fact (from Mental Floss Online)

That “Fresh Cut Grass” Smell Is a Distress Signal

Trauma, that’s what. It’s the smell of chemical defenses and first aid. The fresh, “green” scent of a just-mowed lawn is the lawn trying to save itself from the injury you just inflicted.

Leafy plants release a number of volatile organic compounds called green leaf volatiles (GLVs). When the plants are injured, whether through animals grazing on them, you cutting or mowing them, or even just unintentionally rough handling, these emissions increase like crazy.

September Poem #15

storm swells suspended over
beleaguered, battered coastal towns;
trees, shallow roots clinging


Florence rain has arrived in the mountains of Virginia now. She is expected to linger here for several days. Hunkering down for the weekend with snacks and an endless stream of old movies. 😊

September Poem #14

the calm
tempest coasting delusion
blue sky lull, sleepy denial
maybe the storm will pass


It was a beautiful day today. Looming in the back of everyone’s mind was the behemoth raging just off the coast. Florence they call her. Today was the calm before the storm. Is that really a thing? There are websites that discuss the concept. At least for us, during this time of waiting, it is real. Now we hope for the best.

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