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Magnetic Poetry Saturday

may we only
remember the warm
blush of healing
after all the dark
secrets of men
come to light

the deepest peace
falls over me like
frost on blossoms
between breaths…
only love

I cannot help but
compare the moments,
each holding the full
promise of sweetness,
for some touch my soul
so deeply, they take
my breath away

do not urge me
from my lazing
for I have a thousand
dreams to dream…
the day’s madness
can wait


Magnetic Poetry Online

Logs – A Haiku

rootless, logs of pulp and sap
but once they were trees


For Haiku Horizons Challenge, prompt word, Log.

Through the Breach of Tar and Pebbles

‘He made the world to be a grassy road

Before her wandering feet.’ -W.B. Yeats

Through the Breach of Tar and Pebbles

iron spires wrapped in nettles
splintery oak and knobby pine
iron spires wrapped in nettles

facades eroding, lost to time
penetrating every crevice
splintery oak and knobby pine

tendrils snaking ‘round a trellis
ghosted spaces, gently greening
penetrating every crevice

vibrant once again and teeming
blooms emerge and bumbles fly
ghosted spaces, gently greening

traces of human touch, disguised
Gaia’s voice calls forth the living
blooms emerge and bumbles fly

bursting forth from clay forgiving
iron spires wrapped in nettles
Gaia’s voice calls forth the living
iron spires wrapped in nettles


A Terzanelle for Jane Dougherty’s A Month With Yeats -Day Twelve Poetry Challenge inspired by the verse above from Yeats’ poem, ‘The Rose of the World’.

Drain The Swamp

‘And he saw how the reeds grew dark
At the coming of night-tide,’  W.B. Yeats

Drain the Swamp

a congress of reeds congregates in the shadows
corrupted, its oil glutted rodomont brims,
impassable moat churning pristine and brackish
host to edge dwellers too fearful to swim

as murky gray fog settles round its foundation
turbidity swirls, fire tangoing with ice
the tide ebbs disturbing its frail underpinning
sweeping them into all manner of vice

this haven for hoards of crude middling beasties
conceals crawling shape-shifters, long-legged fowl
slimy, amphibious, hideous predators
hiding sub-surface, always on the prowl


Today’s Prompt Verse for Jane Dougherty’s A Month with Yeats – Day Ten Poetry Challenge is from Yeats’ poem, ‘The Host of the Air.’ I resisted looking up the poem this time, before writing my own, because I wanted to focus entirely on the words of the verse. At first glance I imagined sunset rouged, tidal wetlands, with tall sea wheat and cattails; the day surrendering to evening. But when I looked up the word ‘reed’  I discovered it has a myriad of possible definitions; one in particular that caught me eye...from Webster: a person without strength of character. Oh…it went on…doorman, jellyfish, namby-pamby, pushover, weakling, wimp, coward, milquetoast, mouse, nebbish, nervous Nellie (or nervous Nelly), pussy [slang], wuss (also wussy) sheep. Not the idyllic scene I first imagined, but hey…I went with it, with a melding of the two. With so many reeds to inspire me on the world stage these days, how could I resist?!

Autumn Leaves

pressed impressions of
folioles  and rose petals
between leather-bound
leaves of pulpy cellulose,
harvested fronds from the fall

fading memories
once fragrant, verdant, now parched
crumbling  to dust


A Tanka/Senryu combination poem for Colleen’s Poetry Tuesday Challenge, this week’s prompt words and their synonyms are: Autumn: fall; harvest, and Leaves: fronds; folioles.

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