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42 Day 13

remember me?

fragrant first bloom
on thorny pedicle

purest petals, unfurled
remember me when the wind
whispers you away


42 Day 13 for Jane Dougherty’s Daily Poem Challenge.

42 Day 12

by another name

Eros, blood and tears
of Venus, Aphrodite

prickly hybrid
legendary bloom
a rose is a rose is


For Jane Dougherty’s Daily Poem Challenge 42 Day 12.

Spathiphyllum – 42 Day 11


from amidst the lush

fair lover of dark places
a lily that is not a lily

flame-like spathe raised
in fickle surrender, peace
in season, ever fleeting


For Jane Dougherty’s Daily Poem Challenge – 42 Day 11

My Place in this World

I live in the city and work in an office from 8:39 am to 5:00 pm…or later…

…but my true place in this world can be found midst the trees and the misty hollows, near bubbling streams and on the shores of the sea. This is where I go to reconnect…

For the Daily Post’s Wednesday Photo Challenge.

Florescence Day 29

grey squirrel in a tree
perched above happily,
just below, cats roam free seeking prey


For Jane’s Daily Florescence Poem Challenge…29 and counting down to the last one tomorrow. It’s been fun. I like this form Jane. Thanks for conjuring it. 😊 Happy Sunday!

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