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Congress in Session ~A Cherita

congress in session

a trio of cowbirds perch aloft, screaming
on skeletal limbs of a wintering elm

surveying the work of more diligent
nesters while scheming a plan
to evict them come spring


Night Rain

greying starless nights
cool melancholy musings
raindrops on pavement


For Haiku Horizons Challenge, prompt word, Star.

Elemental Rain ~ A Cherita


daubs of hydrogen
and oxygen times two

life, encapsulated
in droplets, bursting


Morning Snow – A Cherita

snowy morning

crystalline frosted clusters
floating down, down, down

tree limbs drooping
hush a-bye green
winter lingering


Time for another Cherita…it’s snowing on my little speck of earth this morning.

Monday Magnets

the diamonds have lost

their luster, petals, their

sweetness, yet here we

are in the shadows still

dreaming…our tiny whispers

a symphony of light


Magnetic Poetry Original Kit

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