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Monday Magnets


breathing is overrated
when beautiful wild flowers
blossom and fresh spring
scents sweeten the
breeze…I wither while
they bloom


Magnetic Poetry – Nature Kit

Florescence #7

seeping, spring-time showers
are good for the flowers,
and long, lazy hours spent sleeping


For Jane Dougherty Writes Daily Florescence Poem Challenge.

Florescence #6

though flowers make me sneeze
dust, pollen, budding trees,
fuzz fluffs on dappled breeze…it’s not snow


For Jane Dougherty’s Daily Florescence Challenge.

Essence #21

calendars say it’s spring
but today, it’s snowing


Day 21 for Jane Dougherty’s daily Essence poem challenge…another sign that winter is a rude guest that has no trouble wearing out his welcome. I admit he looks beautiful doing it, but I am so over him!

Monday Magnets

magic is in the air
dazzling flowers cling
to the trees, wooed
by warm breezes,
though winter lingers


Magnetic Poetry Online – Poet Kit

-Another glimpse of the trees on my way to work. They are a lovely way to begin my day! 😊

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