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warm wet…fever

warm wet…fever

it’s that time
of year when
spring swoops in


breezes that smell
of musk and life
simmering just
below the loam


air that makes me wish
i’d worn less today
my skin sweating from
the heat, my core
on fire with fever


Another Cadae. I love this poetry form! The weather wtoday is quite balmy. A calm before a storm heading our way. As I type hornets that have roused from their boroughs are swirling around me with their incessant buzzing. I’m sure they are just as happy as me that spring is ever near, but they add a bit of drama to my attempt to soak in the sun and rest for a spell. 🙄

ohhhh spring

ohhhh spring

they are here
the bluebirds,
phoebes, wrens


and the robins,
tree swallows too
on warm zephyrs
come to announce


to rouse us at dawn
to taste the first drops
of sweet, sweet nectar
crooning songs that all
lovers know by heart


Happy First Day of Spring!🌷🌷🌷

breath less

breath less

it’s the wind’s


of heaven sent
challenging me
to bend, not break
to dance with grace


about standing ground
more about letting
go…the fear, the pain
until all that’s left
is my soul, washed clean


Really enjoying the Cadae poetry form. Peace to you on this lovely day! 💞

yeah but

ima jus gonna leave this here. not sayin’ i told you so…but yeah…
yeah but…

when you said
I’m crazy


it will never
happen, you said
it’s just about
saving babies


the ugly truth is
they don’t care about
babies or children
or you…it’s power
they crave…and your soul


Caught the news yesterday…bad idea 😖

spring dance

spring dance

around me
blushes green


trembles softly
there in the wings
even as frost
blankets the loam


darling daffodils,
peepers and bluebirds
sing your happy songs
winter’s end is near
and spring won’t be long


As busy as I have been this year with work and caretaking, I could not let Pi Day pass without giving a new Pi inspired poetry form a go! It’s called a Cadae and incorporates the first 5 digits (3.1415). See the details below:

There are two styles of Cadae. (I chose the second style for today.)

1. strophic, written in 5 strophes of fixed but varied length.
S1 - 3 lines
S2 - 1 line
S3 - 4 lines
S4 - 1 line
S5 - 5 lines

2. Incorporating a syllabic element to the strophes in style #1.
S1 - 3 lines with 3 syllables per line
S2 - 1 line with 1 syllable in the line
S3 - 4 lines with 4 syllables per line
S4 - 1 line with 1 syllable in the line
S5 - 5 Lines with 5 syllables per line

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