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Like Pie

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Grandma always said, “Pie is all about the crust, honey. You can’t be too rough with it or it won’t come out right.”

Life is like pie crust. If you over (k)need the dough it won’t matter what sweetness you fill it with, it won’t come out right.

Wise woman, my Grandma!

(52 Words)

For Sacha’s 52 Word Story Challenge, prompt word: Pie.

Magnets in Affirmation

embrace yourself dazzling
boys born pink and girls
steel blue…celebrate the magic
that is you, for only
heartless fools can’t see
your brilliance…always
remember it is they, not you
who are broken.


The Phone

photo by J. Hardy Carroll

Several times a day the old phone in the back corridor of the shopping mall rang, exactly 10 times. There were offices along the hallway; the back entrances to several shops, public restrooms, and an elevator. Once I saw someone crouched on the floor next to the booth, listening intently, the receiver pressed tightly to their ear. I laughed it off at the time as crazy. But I never stopped wondering about that old phone.

Then one day it rang and I raced over and lifted it to my ear.


“Hi Kat!”

“Grandma?!” Grandma had died a year ago.

100 Words for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields Friday Fictioneers based on the photo above by J. Hardy Carroll.

Spot Spotting

Photo by Hans at Pixabay

he was in a spot
when she spotted him spot on
with a spot of rouge

For Haiku Horizons Challenge, prompt word, Spot.

Upstairs Downstairs

photo by Mahdis Mousavi via Unsplash

ustairs and downstairs
getting nowhere very fast
with nowhere to go

A Haiku for Sonya’s Three Line Tale Challenge inspired by the photo above by Mahdis Mousavi via Unsplash.

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