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A Tragedy

I don’t know how I did this, but I linked to LAST week’s prompt! Time is standing still for so many of us, isn’t it? I can sense our collective gasp as we watch our government heartlessly try to unravel any forward movement in the gun debate – which should not be a debate. I still believe this time is different. The children give me hope.

Maybe I was meant to revisit last week’s prompt. Though I know…I owe you another poem Colleen. For now, there is this…

A Tragedy

no courage in the
hallowed halls of congress,
in their attachment
to power and lobbyists
they entrench death into law

but for the passion,
the rage of our brave children,
all honor is slain


A Tanka/Senryu for Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge using synonyms of the words, character: courage, honor and affection: passion, attachment.

Cherita – Day 17

we don’t want your prayers

void of spirit, void of heart,
talking points read from a teleprompter

but when there are guns at the gate
you may hear us praying, “build us a wall…”
and the gaslight flickers to black



it takes empathy
the kindness of bleeding hearts
freaks who care too much
to restore our dignity
and grace, our reputation


A Tanka for Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge using synonyms only for the words:

affection: kindness, grace, empathy

character: reputation, freak, dignity

No Words…Except… (A Cherita)


but for the cacophony
of thoughts and perfidious prayers

feigned outrage fading into the abyss of
yesterday’s news; blood soaked hands of
cowards scrawling, “must build a wall…”


I titled this no words…but I am a poet, damn it, and words are the only thing I have to give to this troubled world. I rue the day when even the poets become silent. Peace my friends. Tell someone you love, that you do…love them.

#No Cookies For Santa


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Breaking News: In a shocking turn of events, brave Mommies everywhere are speaking out and refusing Santa’s lewd advances. No more kisses! We have known about Santa’s naughty behavior for years, and it is believed thousands of children have been traumatized, but now the Mommies are fighting back. #No Cookies for Santa.

52 Words Exactly for Sacha’s 52 Weeks 52 Words Writespiration Challenge #50. This weeks prompt:  Write about how Santa ended up on the naughty list.


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