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Photo by NASA

Captain Jones was a decorated aviator and a seasoned astronaut who had commanded more than a dozen trips to the international space lab.

But Captain Jones had a secret obsession, one that he was sure his colleagues would take him to task for.

On Monday evenings, at 8 pm EST he would slip out to “check the solar panels”, though everyone knew that the real reason Jones kept his standing 8 pm Monday evening panel check appointment was to tune in to televised feed to find out which bachelorette would be receiving a rose that week.


For Sonya’s Three Line Tale Challenge prompted by this photo from NASA.

If You Need To Ask

if you need to ask what freedom is

you’re not

drape yourself in stars and stripes

do whatever you feel like

hate the man, yeah! go on strike

if you need to ask…

count your pennies, buy more stock

build great walls, install more locks

it only matters who’s on top

what freedom is…

could declare your independence

time is wasted being decent

cash your chips before they’re spent

if you need to ask…

claim your rights, take up your arms

speak your mind, raise false alarms

before the others do you harm

you’re not…

grab what’s yours while you still can

change the rules and take command

always have the upper hand

if you need to ask what freedom is

you’re not


Had been tweaking this in response to call for poems about freedom. It was too long for the call, but I’m going with it just the same. My blog space will do just fine. 😊

Hello Again

Sarah was running out of time.

With only minutes to spare she scrambled to think of something to say that John would remember years from now when they would meet for the first time…again.

“You remind me of someone I would very much like to know…” she whispered, as she turned away, fading into air.


A Three Line Tale inspired by the photo above by Charles Etoroma via Unsplash

Right On Track


photo by Vek Labs via Unsplash

Sarah peered at the lights in the distant, groggy, her body weighed down by something she couldn’t identify, the pavement beneath her cold and damp.

It was a recurrent dream that dogged her night after night causing her to wonder if it was a premonition of impending doom, except for one tiny detail: the arrow.

While she was no dream expert, Sarah decided her dreams were a sign that she was on the right track, moving forward; in her heart she believed everything would work out for the best.


For Sonya’s Three Line Tales Challenge inspired by the photo above by Vek Labs via Unsplash.


Legacy’s Bliss

Margaret glanced up from a sink full of soapy dishes. Pa was in his element, surrounded by the grands and great-grands, telling stories of “how it was before tv’s and computers; when people called and you answered your phone, none of this texting and voicemail business.”

“How did you do it, Pa? Didn’t you wonder if you were missing something? I would!” Zachary blurted.

Pa chuckled, his eyes softened, remembering. “Well Zach, guess we didn’t miss anything ‘cause we didn’t know any better. We got along just fine, I think. Just look at all of you. Musta done something right.”


100 Words for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers flash fiction Challenge inspired by the photo above by © Fatima Fakier Deria

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