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The Elevator

His hand thrust through the elevator doors, causing the cabin to jolt.

“Sorry. I didn’t see you. What floor?”

He glanced over her shoulder at the flashing “42”. “That’s the one.”

She knew everyone on 42. She didn’t know him.

At floor 23, he pressed the STOP button.

She never saw 42.


52 words exactly for Sacha’s 52 Weeks 52 Words Challenge. Prompt this week:  write 52 words of a character that is utterly terrified.


Some days the world felt so small. After college Lara spent the next few years traveling the globe.

“Travel while you’re young, honey,” her mum told her. She never mentioned though, that she was sick.

Lara received news of her mum’s passing two continents away. That day the world felt too big.

52 Words Exactly for Sacha’s 52 Weeks 52 Words Flash Fiction Challenge. This week’s prompt….Write about what happens next as it relates to the photo above.

Off Limits


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The closet in my parents’ room was off limits.

My little sister and I decided to sneak a peak while they were outside. To our surprise, the closet was full of toys!

Of course we never let on. We’d heard children who stopped believing in Santa didn’t get toys on Christmas morning.


For Sacha’s 52 Weeks 52 Words flash fiction challenge. This week’s challenge: Write about the day you ignored the ‘KEEP OUT’ sign. (in 52 Words EXACTLY)




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So engrossed was I in memorabilia that I didn’t notice the last call for visitors to leave. Didn’t notice, I say, until the lights went out and I realized was locked inside Poe’s Museum.

Suddenly I heard a rap-tap-tap from the window. There, a raven who said…


Silly! Raven’s don’t talk!


52 Words Exactly for Sacha Black’s 52 Week’s in 52 Words Writespiration Challenge. This week’s prompt: Write about the night you accidentally spent in a museum.

The Weird Kid


1962 – First Grade, St. Joseph’s (I’m the innocent looking kid in the middle.)


It was 1962. First grade. Snacktime. My deskmate was slurping and smacking.

Something in me snapped. I couldn’t take another minute of his bad mannered noshing.

So, I squeezed my own Mr. Goodbar into goo and covered my entire face. He stopped. The whole class stopped.

Yeah, I was the weird kid.


For Sacha’s 52 Weeks, 52 Words Writespiration Challenge. This week’s assignment: write about the weird kid at school in exactly 52 words (no more, no less).

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