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#No Cookies For Santa


Photo by ponce_photography at Pixabay.com

Breaking News: In a shocking turn of events, brave Mommies everywhere are speaking out and refusing Santa’s lewd advances. No more kisses! We have known about Santa’s naughty behavior for years, and it is believed thousands of children have been traumatized, but now the Mommies are fighting back. #No Cookies for Santa.

52 Words Exactly for Sacha’s 52 Weeks 52 Words Writespiration Challenge #50. This weeks prompt:  Write about how Santa ended up on the naughty list.


Not So Hidden Hiding Place


photo by mdherren at pixabay.com

Not So Hidden Hiding Place

So much for their brilliant plan. When the petty thieves arrived, it was clear that others had frequented this secret hiding place before them. Scattered throughout the cave behind the great falls was an assortment of rubbish: drink cans, bottles, snack wrappers, condoms, cigarette butts. Their treasure would not be safe here.


For Sacha’s 52 Words in 52 Weeks Writespiration Challenge, Prompt: “This week I want you to write about what lays behind a waterfall.”

I Don’t Believe You

you say I
could fix
this…if I cared
apology is
all it takes to
make things
right, to damn
the water
under the broken
bridge, to
erase the ugly
words, to absolve
me of my
truth that you
can’t bear
to hear, but
you should
know, I don’t
believe you


A 52 word poem for Sacha’s 52 Weeks in 52 Words Writespiration Challenge with the prompt phrase, “I don’t believe you.”

First Impression

Liz prepared holiday dinner for Randy’s parents the first time they met.

She entered the dining room with great flare, then proceeded to trip over the carpet, launching the turkey across the table scattering dishes everywhere.

As she landed in a thud, Randy’s mother guffawed, exclaiming, “Oh Randy! I love this girl!”


Exactly 52 Words for Sacha’s Writespiration 52 Weeks in 52 Words flash fiction challenge. This week’s theme, “The Launch”. The photo above is by LauraTara on Pixabay.com.

Heeled Rivals

“Oooh, I hear her! Choose me, choose me!”

“Dream on Stiletto. She’s going hiking today. You are not a hiker!”

“I can hike, Trekker! You should see me on a runway.”

“Strut maybe. She’s gonna pick me.

Bet you a Choo!”

“You know Choo? Shhhhhh! She’s coming!”

“Wait!!! Flip Flops?!!!”

“Later dudes!”


52 Words exactly fo Sacha’s 52 Weeks in 52 Words Writespiration Challenge based on this prompt:

Write a day in the life of a pair of shoes – your protagonist IS the shoes.

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