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sometimes it’s a look
a spark of recognition
no longer strangers
kindred of my spirit tribe
who understands…just because

not my flesh and blood
but every bit a special soul
gracing my reality


A Tanka/Senryu for Colleen Chesebro’s Tuesday Poetry Challenge using synonyms for the prompt words: Thanks – grace, recognition and Family – blood, kindred, tribe.

First Impression

Liz prepared holiday dinner for Randy’s parents the first time they met.

She entered the dining room with great flare, then proceeded to trip over the carpet, launching the turkey across the table scattering dishes everywhere.

As she landed in a thud, Randy’s mother guffawed, exclaiming, “Oh Randy! I love this girl!”


Exactly 52 Words for Sacha’s Writespiration 52 Weeks in 52 Words flash fiction challenge. This week’s theme, “The Launch”. The photo above is by LauraTara on Pixabay.com.

Logs – A Haiku

rootless, logs of pulp and sap
but once they were trees


For Haiku Horizons Challenge, prompt word, Log.

Autumn Glow

Autumn Glow

wafts of cinnamon,
the tang of oranges and cloves,
bonfires ablaze,
oak and hickory, crackling
snug are we, faces aglow

redolent season
breezes smoky, spice-infused
crimson, ochre hues


For Colleen Chesebro’s Tuesday Poetry Challenge, a tanka/haiku based on synonyms of the prompt words: Smell – redolent (adj)/tang and Cozy – snug.

Heeled Rivals

“Oooh, I hear her! Choose me, choose me!”

“Dream on Stiletto. She’s going hiking today. You are not a hiker!”

“I can hike, Trekker! You should see me on a runway.”

“Strut maybe. She’s gonna pick me.

Bet you a Choo!”

“You know Choo? Shhhhhh! She’s coming!”

“Wait!!! Flip Flops?!!!”

“Later dudes!”


52 Words exactly fo Sacha’s 52 Weeks in 52 Words Writespiration Challenge based on this prompt:

Write a day in the life of a pair of shoes – your protagonist IS the shoes.

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