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The Guardian

Late at night, when people are in a hurry, heading home from work or toting colorful shopping bags is my favorite time to haunt the lower level of the subway.

I come here to peoplewatch, but mostly to mess with him as he lurches in the shadows, waiting for his next victim.

Occasionally I’m caught in a photograph, like tonight, as I walk through him on the stairway (a little trick I learned), freezing him in his tracks, as a sweet young thing, like I used to be, slips away unaware onto the train.


A Three Line Tale for Sonya’s weekly challenge inspired by this photo by Andre Benz via Unsplash. The ghostly specter on the stairway caught my eye. Can you see her? ‘‘Tis the season of thin places and ghosts. 🤔👻😳

The Crying Tree

They call her the ‘Crying Tree’. Grief wells from her roots, spilling out where once her limb held a swing. How she loved the laughter of children as they squealed “higher! higher!”

It was a dreadful day when lightening struck the base of her swinging bough. No one noticed she was injured.

When the sun returned, a child called Ruthie rushed to the tree swing. The tree struggled to hold the girl. She moaned and crackled as her bough snapped plunging Ruthie to the ground in a lifeless heap.

It wasn’t her fault but she never forgave herself. She weeps.


100 Words for Jane Dougherty’s Friday Fictioneers Challenge inspired by this photo by © Sandra Crook.

The Elevator

His hand thrust through the elevator doors, causing the cabin to jolt.

“Sorry. I didn’t see you. What floor?”

He glanced over her shoulder at the flashing “42”. “That’s the one.”

She knew everyone on 42. She didn’t know him.

At floor 23, he pressed the STOP button.

She never saw 42.


52 words exactly for Sacha’s 52 Weeks 52 Words Challenge. Prompt this week:  write 52 words of a character that is utterly terrified.


Some days the world felt so small. After college Lara spent the next few years traveling the globe.

“Travel while you’re young, honey,” her mum told her. She never mentioned though, that she was sick.

Lara received news of her mum’s passing two continents away. That day the world felt too big.

52 Words Exactly for Sacha’s 52 Weeks 52 Words Flash Fiction Challenge. This week’s prompt….Write about what happens next as it relates to the photo above.

Bird’s Eye Witness

“Hurry up squaaaawk…hurry up Chuck!”

“What’s Murphy yapping about? …Oh my god! What happened?!”

“We’ve been robbed. They took my stereo system and my power tools!”

“Oh no! Did you call the police?”

“They’re on their way. And of course I’ve got Murphy here.”


“Yep! He’s our eye witness.”

“Wait! Do you think Murphy saw the robbers?”

“I do. When I came in he called them out by name. Chuck and…”

“Hurrying Pete. Stereo…pack the steeereeeoooo….aaack!”

“See what I mean?”

“Wow! Way to go Murph!”

“Murphy…hurry…Murphy up Chuck…Pete pack the power tools…stereoooo!”

“Brilliant! Murphy! You’re such a good boy!”


100 Words for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields Friday Fictioneers Challenge inspired by this photo of a Myna bird by © DOUGLAS M. MACILROY

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