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Reclaimed Spaces


photo by Cathal Mac an Bheatha via Unsplash

She remembered many trips with her mother to the old butcher shop as a kid; the salty, pungent smell of aged meat and blood mixed with sawdust is an odor one does not easily forget, especially one whose gentle nature informed her conscience early in life that it was a cruel and barbaric practice to eat other living, breathing creatures.

Years later, after completing culinary school, she returned home, purchased the old storefront and reclaimed the space for a restaurant specializing in vegan fare.

She kept the neon sign as a novelty and called her place “Fresh Meets”.

kat ~ 24 March 2017

For Sonya’s Three Line Tale challenge based on the photo above by Cathal Mac an Bheatha.

Penny’s First Word

For Jane Dougherty’s Sunday Strange Challenge based on this painting by Ford Madox Brown.


Painting by Ford Madox Brown – Pretty Baa-Lambs

“Pretty Baa-Lambs” her mother said, “baa, baa, baa. Penny can you say it? What do the pretty lambs say?”

Penny was not having it. Her mother called her stubborn. Maybe she was, but Penny did not like this new game her mother always wanted to play.

“Momma,” her Mother would say, leaning in closer, eyes bulging, mouth puckering, smacking the syllables in a grotesque litany of sound bites, “Maaa…mmm…aaa…mAAA…mmmm…AAA.”

It was a never-ending battle. Everything, it seemed had a name. There was a word for each want. “Why wasn’t crying and cooing enough? It had always worked in the past. What was it with these people?” Penny thought to herself as she continued her resistance.

Then one day she heard a lovely word. An amazing word! It was not her mother, but her father who uttered it loud and clear for Penny to hear.

“I like that word.” Penny thought. She decided to say her new favorite word the next time her mother started one of her sound-it-out-say-it, ‘momma’ rants.

For her very first word, Penny smiled innocently at her mother, eyes wide with excitement, as she curled her tongue back and set her top two teeth into a perfect overbite…”FUCK!”

Penny had never seen her mother react so. It was wonderful! So wonderful, she repeated it over and over again, “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” She was a proud baby that day. Very proud indeed!

~kat – 23 March 2017



PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

Once upon a time, my halls sang with laughter. My kitchen hummed, percolated and crackled, steamy and aromatic; hints of cinnamon, coffee, fresh bread and bacon.

Tea was served every afternoon in my parlor. Gossip dripped like venom from the rouged lips of fine ladies in flowery frocks, their white-gloved pinkies lifted properly as they sipped from china cups. My study still smells of sweet, fine cigars from nights when distinguished gentleman gathered after dinner to discuss the politics of the day.

These days people do their living outside my iron gates; sleeping with me, then leaving.

~kat – 23 March 2017
(97 Words)

For Rochelle Wisoff-Fields Friday Fictioneers 100 word story challenge based on the photo above by J. Hardy Carroll.

Fleeting Sweetness – A Six Word Story

Here is my six word story for Nicola at Sometimes Stellar Storyteller’s challenge. This week’s prompt word is “Temptation”. If you’d like to vote for me or add your own tale, click HERE. 

Death disguised herself in fleeting sweetness.

~kat ~ 22 March 2017

Twittering Tales #22 – 21 March 2017

About the challenge:  Each Tuesday I will provide a prompt, and your mission, if you choose to play along, is to tell a story based on that prompt in 140 characters or less.

If you accept the challenge, be sure to let me know in the comments with a link to your tale. A final note: if you need help tracking the number of characters in your story, there is a nifty online tool that will count for you at charactercountonline.com.

I will do a roundup each Tuesday, along with providing us a new prompt.

Have Fun! 🙂


Twittering Tales #21 – The Round Up

Photo by Pixabay.com

Last week’s tales are fabulous! We even had a few new folks join us. Who knew that antique typewriter had so many stories to tell? Apparently you all did! Thank you to everyone who added their voice to the conversation.

From Michael at Morpethroad

If only, if only,
that one elusive word.
willing it to leap out
I know it’s on the tip of my tongue.
I wonder, could it be?
Darling, I need you!

(139 Characters)

From Nicola at Sometimes Stellar Storyteller

The typing started at 11:58pm. It stopped at sunrise. Some found my luck unnerving, some mind-boggling. My morning preface never let me down

(140 Characters)

From Irena at Books and Hot Tea

She typed, sighed, and crumpled another paper. The typewriter wanted to sigh, too. It could tell her what to write, if only it could speak.
(140 characters)

From Lady Lee at Lady Lee Manila

One simple word that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Once that is lost, it will never be the same again. The ground for respect – TRUST!
(136 Characters)

From Peter at Peter’s Ponderings

It starts with one word
which nobody heard.
’twas typed by a ghost
and sent in the post.
The ghost, a poor sinner
was hailed as the winner!

(135 Characters)

From Jane at Jane Dougherty Writes

Hemingway, in the heavenly Writers’ Corner, sullenly one-finger types, shooting murderous glances at the newbies with their Mac Books.
(134 Characters)

From Martin at Martin Cororan Blog

Every morning the same missive: “Is that you Jimmy? I know you poisoned me! Goddammit! Why couldn’t I have possessed something with Wi-Fi?”
(139 characters)

From Kirst at Kirst Writes

each letter a clatter
word follows word
aching fingers growing stronger
stories gradually getting longer
word after word after word

(130 characters)

From Di at Pensitivity101

Writer’s block.
Everyone gets it.
Inspiration would come through sleep.
When she awoke, the prompt was there.

(106 characters)

From Kathryn at Another Foodie Blogger

As punishment for texting in class I was told to sit down and finish the sentence. I couldn’t find the return key.
(114 Characters)

From Mick from Mick E Talbot Poems

it caught him out
forensic evidence
it was the type
the crime plagiarism
his words not my typing
case now closed
he got done for swiping
not typing

(140 characters)

From Sangbad at Thoughts of Words

A missile impacted somewhere nearby. The flame of the candle quiver. She needs to complete the next episode to earn bread for few more days.
(139 Characters)

From Patty on Twitter @pjstemple

She warned she’d speak. He laughed as if to challenge her. She relished the feel of the keys as she typed the first word: Abuse
(127 Characters)

From Reena at Reinventions

It starts with one word – dreams. It grows into ambition, success, greed, obsession or crime. The end depends on how the world reacts to it.
(140 characters)

From Bikergurl

If only you’d write the words to set me free. Instead, you allow me to languish without you in obscurity – longing only for your touch.
(135 characters)

From Carol at Writing and Works

It started with one word. What it was exactly, I can’t remember. The world perhaps. The universe? This? Us? All of it from one, little word.
[140 characters]

From Lorraine at 25 Words More or Less, two very different tales.

It starts with one word, whispered. More words, voices create hateful sentences, paragraphs of lies. Fiction becomes fact; untruths become real. (142) [21]

Ancient artifact captures the imagination of an inquisitive child. Taloned green fingers tap rhythmically on rusted keys. (120) [17]

From Deek The Cool Bookworm at Jot the Thought

He found the old typewriter in an attic. He began writing. As his name features on the bestseller’s list, his grandfather beams from above.
(139 characters)

From The Grateful Dead

It starts with one word…it ends with one too. LOVE – a complete story in itself.
(82 characters)

From Francine at Woman Walking Max

Madame Clair Voyant ” for you I see woes, money troubles, your home gone. Georgina ” George the bailiffs are outside! ”
(96 characters)

From Julia at Trailing Something

I write what people tell me, whether that comes from their hearts, souls, minds, or a God above. I don’t know why or what point I’m making.
(139 Characters)

And from me

The former owner of the old house was a writer. Ten years after his death he finished his novel. The author’s name? Ghostwriter, of course!
(139 Characters)

Twittering Tale #22 – 21 March 2017

I can spend hours looking at photos for the prompt each week. Eventually I know I’ve found “the one” when I keep going back to it. That’s how it was with this week’s photo from pexels.com. I love the bright, mismatched clothing that this old woman is wearing. She is very spring-like. Or maybe she’s a witch or an angel or just a crazy old bird lady. Who is she? What’s in that satchel she’s carrying? Where is she going or coming from? Help me solve the mystery with your twittering tale this week. I have to warn you though. You may find that you have more to say about her than a tweet allows. I know I did. But remember you only have 140 characters to bring her story to life. Most of all, have fun. I can’t wait to read your stories. 😊

Photo from pexels.com

My Take…

Eternity’s Midwife (Dedicated to some compassionate Hospice volunteers I have known.<3)

Miss Nellie had a way with birthin’. “Laboring takes long as it takes,” she’d say. When time came she’d sigh, “go on now, heaven’s awaitin.”

(140 Characters)


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