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PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

Once upon a time, my halls sang with laughter. My kitchen hummed, percolated and crackled, steamy and aromatic; hints of cinnamon, coffee, fresh bread and bacon.

Tea was served every afternoon in my parlor. Gossip dripped like venom from the rouged lips of fine ladies in flowery frocks, their white-gloved pinkies lifted properly as they sipped from china cups. My study still smells of sweet, fine cigars from nights when distinguished gentleman gathered after dinner to discuss the politics of the day.

These days people do their living outside my iron gates; sleeping with me, then leaving.

~kat – 23 March 2017
(97 Words)

For Rochelle Wisoff-Fields Friday Fictioneers 100 word story challenge based on the photo above by J. Hardy Carroll.

Mr. Big


“Don’t get too close to that thing Ethan. Come back over here. He’s gonna be here soon.”

He was late. He was always late. Just this once, not for her but for Ethan, she had hoped he would come through. Ethan was getting older and needed to know his dad. 

After an hour she shrugged, “C’mon buddy, doesn’t look like he’s coming.”

“That’s okay mommy,” Ethan grabbed her hand sensing her disappointment. “He’s prob’ly busy saving somebody or something.”

She smiled, “You’re probably right Ethan.”

“It’s better this way,” she thought, “absent fathers are always bigger than life.”

~kat ~ 15 March 2017
(98 words)

For Rochelle Wiseoff-Fields Friday Fictioneers Challenge based on this photo by Jennifer Pendergast.

Aak Attack

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PHOTO PROMPT © Shaktiki Sharma

“Tell me what happened,” said the detective.

“Well, she came in…sat at the bar. This guy, he’s a regular, took a shining to her, but he’d had a few and I guess he got carried away. He grabbed her, you know, where he shouldn’t of. She told him to stop. When he didn’t she sprayed this awful smelling stuff on him. He dropped dead, on the spot.”

When Scientists at the Etymology Experimental Lab across town heard the story they celebrated.The suspect was likely the person who had stolen a vial of “Aak Attack”, an anti-rapist agent. It worked!

~kat – 8 March 2017
(100 Words)

For Rochelle Wiseoff-Fields Friday Fictioneers 100 Word Story Challenge.

A bit of background on the grasshopper you see above from Wikipedia:

Poekilocerus pictus is a large brightly colored grasshopper from India. Nymphs of the species are notorious for squirting a jet of liquid up to several inches away when grasped. It is also known as Aak grasshopper or locally in few tribal areas called titighodo

Adult Form

The half-grown immature form is greenish-yellow with fine black markings and small crimson spots. The mature grasshopper has canary yellow and turquoise stripes on its body, green tegmina with yellow spots, and pale red hind wings.

The grasshopper feeds on the poisonous plant Calotropis gigantea (Giant Milkweed).

Upon slight pinching of the head or abdomen, the half-grown immature form ejects liquid in a sharp and sudden jet, with a range of two inches or more, from a dorsal opening between the first and second abdominal segments. The discharge is directed towards the pinched area and may be repeated several times. The liquid is pale and milky, slightly viscous and bad-tasting, containing cardiac glycosides* that the insect obtains from the plant it feeds upon. In the adult, the discharge occurs under the tegmina and collects as viscous bubbly heap along the sides of the body.

*From ancient times, humans have used cardiac-glycoside-containing plants and their crude extracts as arrow coatings, homicidal or suicidal aids, rat poisons, heart tonics, diuretics and emetics. Today these steroids are processed to treat heart conditions.

Beautiful Sky

“It’s so beautiful daddy. It’s like daytime in the middle of the night!”

Wayne drew his family close, tears streaming down his face. All around them other families huddled in loving clusters to witness the event. It was a scene replicated around the world.

Days earlier, world leaders and their wealthy friends boarded space vessels that would transport them to a new planet galaxies away. The ozone they had depleted in their lust for greed and power left the earth vulnerable to the impending solar flare.

“It is beautiful Zoe,” Wayne whispered, as a great flash of light consumed them.

kat – 2 March 2017
(100 Words)

For Rochelle Wiseoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneers. A flash fiction challenge inspired by her beautiful photo of the sky. 

Forever Yours…


PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Dearest Julia,

Each day I sit here enveloped by gloom, more so because you are not here to help me bide the time. I keep your favorite trinkets near the window. Like the swelling muddy river below, memories of our adventures flood my head with melancholy.

This house has become a prison to me since the accident. The visiting nurse brought fresh flowers hoping to cheer me. But eventually they died, reminding me of you.

Do you think of me in heaven, dearest? I pray each day that God would allow me to join you there.

Forever Yours,


~kat 18 March 2016
(99 words)

A flash of fiction in letter form for Friday Fictioneer’s Challenge based on the photo above by our hostess, Rochell Wisoff-Fields. Read other stories HERE.

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