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PepperBot – AI for the Masses!

PepperBot, with his friendly appeal, bright black eyes, and cute smile was touted by its advertisers as “AI for the masses”, but looks can be deceiving.

The mysterious distributor had anticipated PepperBot’s appeal, manufacturing millions of them for the launch, because, of course, every household would jump at the chance to have their very own PepperBot at the astonishing price of only $19.95 each.

In a remote bunker, analysts watched a massive tracking map come to life, strobing dots of red, as households across the globe activated their PepperBots to their peril; broadcasting every word.


Three Line Tale Challenge base in this photo by by Alex Knight via Unsplash.

Curious Web


photo by Mark Dalton via Unsplash

Two spiders marveled at the seaside sights one amber dusk, “They are curious, these human webs, catching nothing but the wind.”

“Such a waste they are,” agreed the second spider, “who can live on the wind alone?”

“My dear spiders, we do indeed live for the wind,” whispered the unfurled sails nearby, “for there is more to life than mere survival; the wind feeds not our bellies but our souls.”


A Three Line Tale for Sonya’s Three Line Tale Challenge inspired by this photo by Mark Dalton via Unsplash.

Lemon Sharks – A Haiku

photo by David Clode via Unsplash

harmless to humans

so they say, these lemon sharks

only attacked ten


A Haiku for Three Line Tales.



Photo by NASA

Captain Jones was a decorated aviator and a seasoned astronaut who had commanded more than a dozen trips to the international space lab.

But Captain Jones had a secret obsession, one that he was sure his colleagues would take him to task for.

On Monday evenings, at 8 pm EST he would slip out to “check the solar panels”, though everyone knew that the real reason Jones kept his standing 8 pm Monday evening panel check appointment was to tune in to televised feed to find out which bachelorette would be receiving a rose that week.


For Sonya’s Three Line Tale Challenge prompted by this photo from NASA.

Hello Again

Sarah was running out of time.

With only minutes to spare she scrambled to think of something to say that John would remember years from now when they would meet for the first time…again.

“You remind me of someone I would very much like to know…” she whispered, as she turned away, fading into air.


A Three Line Tale inspired by the photo above by Charles Etoroma via Unsplash

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