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The Earrings

Charlie still had brief glimmers of recognition when Eileen came to visit, especially when she wore the emerald earrings he had given her so many years ago.

She’d had her eye on those beauties at Bloomies, dropping by every day on her lunch break.

Charlie worked the jewelry counter then. He looked forward to her daily visits. When Eileen finally agreed to go on a date with him, he brought along a secret weapon to win her heart; those earrings. Smart man, that Charlie.

Now, they were Eileen’s secret weapon.

“Hello Emmy,” he beamed.

Eileen smiled. Charlie’s heart remembered.


99 Words for Friday Fictioneers (a few days late…busy week) based on the PHOTO PROMPT © MARIE GAIL STRATFORD.


Millicent Collins was an eccentric, surly, old woman. She kept those around her loyal by promising each a pittance of her massive fortune.

When she died they rushed to the estate, hoping to hear their name at the reading of her will.

The attorney droned through the list of bequeaths. To her housekeeper, the china, silver, crystalware; to the butler, the Mercedes; on and on until most everyone had a piece of her.

The reading concluded, “For bringing me roses every day; for his kindness, I, Millicent Collins, leave the house and grounds to my dear gardener, John.”

Millicent loved….roses.


100 Words for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneers Flash Fiction Challenge inspired by this photo by © Sarah Ann Hall.


“Matilda, my darling girl, you would have loved it here,” he mused as he watched the sun set at river’s edge.

The familiar voices of old friends, Crane, Knickerbocker, Van Winkle, whispered to him from the mist. “Ah, Van Winkle,” he chuckled, “I concur. It is time, indeed, for a long nap.”

The old man leaned on his cane as he ambled to the house, uttering his final words, “Well, I must arrange my pillows for another night. When will this end?”

They would lay him to rest at Sleepy Hollow; the man known as Jonathan Oldstyle, Geoffrey Crayon…Washington Irving.


100 Words for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields Friday Fictioneers Flash Fiction Challenge, inspired by the photo above by Roger Bultot.

…the rest of the story

Imagine my surprise when I opened the photo and google map popped up on my screen plopping it on the east side of the Hudson River, North of New York City. After zooming in I imagined this could very well have been the view from Washington Irving’s beloved Sunnyside home in Tarrytown on the Hudson. The Matilda referenced in my story is the name of his fiancé who died from tuberculosis at the age of 17. Some believe it was grief, as well as seeking treatment for his own health issues, that launched him across the pond where he would spend decades. He remained a bachelor to his dying day.

Of course, after discovering all of this, I knew I must write about this iconic author, historian and diplomat. If you would like to learn more about Irving, Wikipedia gives a nice summary of his life and works.

The Crying Tree

They call her the ‘Crying Tree’. Grief wells from her roots, spilling out where once her limb held a swing. How she loved the laughter of children as they squealed “higher! higher!”

It was a dreadful day when lightening struck the base of her swinging bough. No one noticed she was injured.

When the sun returned, a child called Ruthie rushed to the tree swing. The tree struggled to hold the girl. She moaned and crackled as her bough snapped plunging Ruthie to the ground in a lifeless heap.

It wasn’t her fault but she never forgave herself. She weeps.


100 Words for Jane Dougherty’s Friday Fictioneers Challenge inspired by this photo by © Sandra Crook.

Bird’s Eye Witness

“Hurry up squaaaawk…hurry up Chuck!”

“What’s Murphy yapping about? …Oh my god! What happened?!”

“We’ve been robbed. They took my stereo system and my power tools!”

“Oh no! Did you call the police?”

“They’re on their way. And of course I’ve got Murphy here.”


“Yep! He’s our eye witness.”

“Wait! Do you think Murphy saw the robbers?”

“I do. When I came in he called them out by name. Chuck and…”

“Hurrying Pete. Stereo…pack the steeereeeoooo….aaack!”

“See what I mean?”

“Wow! Way to go Murph!”

“Murphy…hurry…Murphy up Chuck…Pete pack the power tools…stereoooo!”

“Brilliant! Murphy! You’re such a good boy!”


100 Words for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields Friday Fictioneers Challenge inspired by this photo of a Myna bird by © DOUGLAS M. MACILROY

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