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a rose is…

a rose is…

she’s of a certain
age, you know, a
real beauty in
her prime but
clinging to her
withered gown
makes her look
old with fading
mane once
vibrant, sweet her
fragrance reeks of
musty death, they think
it’s time she gives
this ruse rest, the
reaper waits with
pruning shears, she’s
had her summer
in the sun, to yield
at long last, it’s for
the best, she’s of
a certain age you
know, clinging to
her faded gown but
she’s not finished,
being beautiful, not
yet, she’s not
finished, no, not yet


December Dodoitsu #19

when love is truly enough
loving becomes effortless
like a rose in bloom, pure bliss
blinded to the thorns


42 Day 12

by another name

Eros, blood and tears
of Venus, Aphrodite

prickly hybrid
legendary bloom
a rose is a rose is


For Jane Dougherty’s Daily Poem Challenge 42 Day 12.

Painted Lady – a Haiku

For Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge, prompt words Painted & Lady. 


she is no lady
moll with painted crimson lips
beware, she has thorns


Rose ~ Magnetic Poetry Monday ~ A Haiku

red headed beauty
baring her raw sweetness
dressed in light petals


Magnetic Poetry – Original Kit

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