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Shame – 42 Day 26

what kind of monster

rips babies from their mothers,
asylum seekers; punishment for hope

liberty’s promise rots, dead,
behind walls, hate, it’s not safe
the monsters here are real


For Jane’s Dougherty’s Daily Poem Challenge. I read Jane’s poem today again after penning my own. It gives me hope. It is true that some parts of the world are becoming kinder. Not here. My poem reflects the polar opposite to Jane’s poem ‘Pride’. I am calling mine “Shame”.

I learned of a new border crossing practice instituted by our current leaders that is so heinous it makes me sick. (An article from the Houston Chronicle about this HERE.)

As a deterrent to asylum seekers, the border patrol is now separating children from parents. Then the children, some as young as 18 months are deemed “unaccompanied minors” and shuffled into a mismanaged foster system, making it difficult to reunite these families when the parents are released to be deported. These parents are not dangerous criminals smuggling over our border, mind you, but rather families who present themselves to border patrol authorities seeking asylum from horrendous conditions, and even the threat of death, in their own countries. For even thinking they might find safety here, they are rewarded with something even more horrible.

I am heartened by Jane’s happy “42” today. The sun is shining here too; birds are singing. I should be writing about that, but my heart is just not in it.

42 Day 25


just, crickets

vacuous silence
questions, unanswered
detachment droning


For Jane Dougherty’s Daily Poem Challenge, “42”. Only after writing this, did I realize I mirrored the day’s theme…silence. There must be something in the air Jane. 😊

42 Day 24

gone, the hours

dawn to dusk,
nose to stone, grinding

twirling ‘round, tick tock,
busy hands, pockets full,
night falls, down like ashes, ashes


A nursery rhyme mash for today’s 42 for Jane Dougherty’s Daily Poetry Challenge.

42 Day 23

blue sky, distant white clouds,

trees undulate in the breeze,
leafy underbellies, sparkling,

on afternoons like this,
cool and crisp,
i forget the rain


For Jane Dougherty’s Daily Poetry Challenge: 42.

Morning Noise – 42 Day 21

dawn stirs all a-chitter…why, it’s literally a-twitter

to trills of titmice, chickadees, and sparrows
in sync with the tap-tap of red-bellied peckers

crows on the wing, cawing, brown buzzards glide, looming
‘neath darkening skies, as storm clouds swell, glooming,
a yellow-capped orange-beak, “I hereby demand…” tweeting


It was lovely while it lasted. The sweet sounds of morning, soft light, fragrant mist wafting from the damp, dewy ground. And then I made the mistake of tuning in to the news. I couldn’t resist poking fun at the crazy cacophony that was this Monday morning. 😉 For Jane Dougherty’s Daily Poetry Challenge, 42.

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