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Cherita ~ Day 25

i could tell you

it is too soon for spring
another icy snap is inevitable

but you won’t listen
which is why I love you
fearless are you in fragility



Cherita – Day 24

breach in the wall

what mysteries are hidden
behind your stone face?

those who peer through may learn
some things are better left hidden…
innocence cannot be restored


So…I had an “whoa-nelly” moment after I posted the artwork for today’s Cherita. I had taken a photo of a pile of rocks on my back porch (a collection from my dog who likes to eat them!) and I added a little lens flare to the breach in the pile…BUT I did not see the eye peering at me just above the light until after I posted it. Oh my! It was not at all intentionally fabricated! I think I am having a serendipitous moment. I love when that happens!

For a point of reference, here’s the original photo!

Cherita – Day 23

over the din

of cable news noise
a songbird sings

her trill, a joyful lilt
that pays no mind
to the cat lurking


Cherita-Day 22

flag at half staff

sign of tragedy but
which one

school shooting…or
death of a government



Cherita – Day 21

mocha frappé morning

a whipped cream and
chocolate syrup on top kind of day

but it’s a temporary fix,
an indulgence giving me a caffeine high
and brain freeze


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