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hope swells defiant

‘midst a tyrant’s oppression

ashes to embers


For Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge, Prompt Words: Hope & Tyrant.

To Be – A Haiku

to be, just, to be
liberated souls gather
where the hearth glows warm


For Ronovan Writes Haiku Poetry Challenge, Prompt Words: Home (hearth) & Free (liberated).

Fragile Heartbeat – A Haiku

clearly not fragile
four score or more, unprompted,
a heartbeat lub-dubs


For Ronovan Writes Haiku Poetry Challenge, Prompt words: fragile & heartbeat.

Fire and Fury (Ire)-A Haiku

fire and fury
repeated repeatedly
loses its power


For Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge, Prompt Words: Ire (Fury) & Fire.

Party Beat a Haiku


it is a party
when paint chips drop to the beat
of feet boogieing


For Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge, Prompt Words: beat & party.

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