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Saturday with the Oracle

the mind knows

things, but

it is the

heart that


in a world of evil figureheads,

hacked information and easy microwave

brain access, I need a joy stick,

an avatar and a dragon to slay

a system where girls rule

and WiFi…must have that

the force is strong

flowers only bloom

in spring, withering

so easily from the

frost, but their roots

thrive through winter

cold, tendrils vining

long and deep into

the dark world always

beneath our feet

time does not stop

for cool-blooded men

who fiddle away the dreams

of thousands, but life

does go on for those

of us with love’s chant

singing in our heads…

we shall overcome


Magnetic Poetry Online

Saturday Magnets

go gently my loves

you need not fight for

the light to come

remember what you

know to be true

you can trust that the

sun will find its

way to fill the sky

as it has always been


of rain



come sleep

it is time

to dream

deep is the water

cold and wild as it

wanders over mossy

stones, earth brown

dark and thick with


a life that

lingers from

less to nothing

is a long, slow

eternity of almost


Magnetic Poetry Online – the Love, Original, Nature, Poet Kits

Saturday Magnets

in this age of streaming
video and easy information
there are some complete
droids that live as if
the world is flat

cool breathy kisses
soft clouds of air on the breeze
blush warm lingering

daydreaming, no
stars to wish on
and the sun laughs
at our little hopes
glaring there in the
sky, not listening

they longed for worldly
things as though things
could make them happy
if only they’d known
that things don’t last
only memories do


Magnetic Poetry Online

Monday Magnets

the universe sings,
this sun-filled morning,
with a thousand hopeful
wishes for peace, love and
joy…let’s remember this
moment when our hearts
lose faith in dreams


Magnetic Poetry – Love Kit

Magnetic Poetry Monday

let us linger here
where hearts are
warm and all those
looking for peace
and healing remember
the magic of this
season of joy


Magnetic Poetry – Poet Kit

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